Literary (Submission): A Mouthful

5/11/2018 09:37:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

A Glass of Milk
I dreamt a dream in dreamful sleep
Different from the dreadful keep

Sugar High
A foggy memory of thoughts long thought
Came out, came back to again be sought

A Golden apple
A dream was mine, and mine alone
In my eyes a hope, the brightest light shone

Gingerbread Witch
A mistake I made, and how mistaken was I
When I showed it all to cold hearts run dry

Bitter Gourds
I was met with harsh laughter, more laughter
Berating thoughts of ever after

The Palette Cleanser
The growing flame flickered, grew and faltered
A curious kindness whispered

Chocolate Promises
It was then I knew, it was then I knew
I can't wait to see it too

Lemons for the road
I left that place one day, the day it came
Lugging bittersweet memories and a better aim

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