Literary: Against the Tides

5/11/2018 08:40:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

The ocean of the world
Is a society of menacing tides and waves
The current drags and bends heads
The looming edge of the reef is unforgiving to anyone who stumbles

Inside the current, a school lives and swims
Surviving by following the current’s ever-changing whims
Yet there exists some who wish to tread a different path
Such is the mindset of a lone fish, ambitious but young

He is nothing but a tiny fish among the school
Yet somewhere through the watery horizon
There is a call, a sound of a shell
Beckoning him to swim in a different direction

To go against the crowd seems like a golden, rewarding dream
But there is a punishing catch
For the willful yet hardheaded
As there are endless perilous sights to see

A wide-mouthed abyss to fall over at every corner
A horde of sharks waiting to prey on him in the dark
Will he survive to reach his greatest?
Or will he fall back just to meet his unfortunate demise?

The determination he has for a long time
Shall be the oil to ignite the fiery ambitions he holds dearly
And push him to reach and explore great places
To make a difference and set something new

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