Literary: This is My City

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This is my city.
Opulent. Grandiose. Magnificent. The pinnacle of civilization.
From its towering spires to its sweeping arches, no other city was able to match its beauty and grace. Ruled by a just king, the people were at peace, with other cities enjoying the fruits of our labor, just as we enjoy theirs. However, it was not to last.

This is my city.
Evolving. Pioneering. Inventing. The herald of progress.
New ideas are born here. They revolutionized the way mankind thinks. And with this change, ambition became prevalent. Everyone wanted to progress, to be able to attain higher states of living. No matter the cost, they wanted more.

This is my city.
Distrustful. Suspicious. Afraid. Falling into chaos.
The king is dead. Killed in his sleep, rumored to be by his own brother. It was only a matter of time. The nobles, with their new-fangled ideas, were starting to get restless. It was time for the old regime to die, they said. It was time for a new and better generation to lead the country into prosperity. Who else is fit to lead, but them?

This is my city.
Crawling in the dark. Grasping at straws. Dying in our dreams. Forever damned.
We shouldn’t have listened. They said they would lead us to a new age of prosperity. They said that they would guide us towards a new, better, and stronger world. They lied.
They bargained with Beings from Beyond, gorging themselves with all the power they ever wanted. It wasn’t enough. They wanted more and more power until their wretched minds couldn’t handle it any more. The first taste was an exquisite meal. To have more is to feast until the end of time.
And they had more.

This is my city.
Rotting. Broken. Ruined. Trapped until the day the world ends.
It has been so long since I last saw the sun.
Stuck under the rubble of what once was our glorious home.
Forced to stay, while all the others have passed on.
Forced to remember everything that ever happened in this place.
Forced to watch as time passed, hiding the ruins of our city, covering it in the sands that would make the world forget it.

It doesn’t matter anymore.
If it falls to me to watch over the bones of my brothers and sisters, so be it.
May the dead peacefully rest.
This is my city, after all.

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