Literary: False Applause

5/26/2018 08:08:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

The lights, the camera, and the action
Opened my eyes to a new dimension,
Trapped me in a world of beautiful fiction,
As I became desired by their momentary affection
And exhausted from my own ambition

The cause of everything was a youthful smile
The cost of it, I didn’t think of for a while
I beguiled all the right guys
Who led me to paths I never knew were vile

Then cameras called and I quickly reacted
With all emotions I passionately depicted
I became one with the art I then perfected
With a thunderous applause, they all responded.

I loved every second of the art I performed
“But they only like you for your looks,” they informed
I don’t even have to make a single sound
To freeze and flash the youthful smile around
Was the only way, for me to be noticed and found

For the rest of my years, I acted with restriction
Waving my hands demanding for attention
The applause became the only thing that mattered
I have reached my dreams yet I feel shattered

More and more wrinkles started to show on my face
Soon, less and less words have been said to me
Disinterest started filling every room and another
Everyone suddenly stopped and started not to bother.

The lights, the camera and the action
Used to remind me of dreams and satisfaction
Now it only makes me question
Why have I forsaken my art for attention?

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