Literary (Submission): The Walls are Only Two Doors

5/11/2018 09:20:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Some people have butterflies in their stomachs that make them feel nervous or scared.
Mine have turned into moths that slowly eat me from the inside.
The tattered clothes that envelop me have nothing but memories.
It’s painful, and at most times, I feel like I had no choice even if I did.
I had all the opportunities, but I couldn’t take it.
Because the walls that kept me in are two doors that can’t be opened…

But hey, maybe someday.

I’ve been patiently waiting for the day that I can break free,
from the locks and chains that have slowly rusted and sealed everything inside these walls.
The moths that have been gnawing inside me have already died.
And these tattered clothes that envelop me have lost all their memories.
But even so, I will wait. I will wait for my fated day.
This old, broken soul will have its redemption.

Today is that day. I can hear my locks rustling, and my chains getting loose.
The sound of the wind hitting my walls that’s telling me to, “Break Free!”
The doors are opening and the only thing on my mind is liberty,
and at the end of the light, I saw the master of my own.
With this newfound freedom, I can restart again.
These tattered clothes replaced anew, and these moths, gone for good.
I feel nothing but freedom, from everything that was kept within me.
Now I can start again.
With my pride regained and my head held high.
Finally, I can show,
That I was a closet all along.

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