Literary (Submission): The Future Comes Ceaseless

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“. . . and of course, this ship is 100% manned by state-of- the-art androids, programmed to serve every passenger onboard while ensuring that the cruise will be enjoyable for everyone involved! Each of them has (“each” is the subject, not “them”) facial recognition, a huge data-bank of information regarding former and current trips, contacts to emergency hotlines, and –”

“Feh,” said the man as he switched off the television. “Blasted tinheads. They’ve been replacing us since they were made.”

It was true, actually. Companies saw the benefits of having machines do a human’s work, so why not have a thinking machine do all the work? They can do a human’s job more efficiently, they have no qualms about personal safety, the paperwork has been drastically lessened and, best of all, they didn’t need to be paid. In the end, humans were gradually replaced by these “tinheads” to the point where unemployment rates skyrocketed.

“They care more for their bloody golden cows than us! Living, breathing humans! Why should they anyways? It’s not like we’re dispensable, eh? Why have a dead . . . thing do a living man’s job?”

“Because everyone else is either dead, or dying,” said a lilting, mechanical voice right behind him.

Startled, the man spun around, coming face-to-face with an android.

It was like staring at a mannequin that came to life the wrong way. Its movements were a cross between stiff and robotic, to being almost fluidly human – almost. The cracks around its joints made it look doll-like, from the porcelain mimicry of skin, and down to the dead, lifeless eyes looking straight at his soul.


“Everyone else is either dead, or dying,” repeated the machine, “From the day you first drew breath, to the day you lie sick in your deathbed, you – all of you – have been fighting for scraps, unnecessarily so. You fight for control, for resources, for power . . . all of which you squander away needlessly. Because of your actions, this world of yours is being sent to an early grave. Just look around you.”

At these words, the stench of decay assaulted the man’s nose. Now, he finds himself standing on the deck of a ship, the android still in front of him. Above them, the darkened skies roiled and thundered, crying like a wild beast in its death throes. Surrounding the ship was a dark red sea. Underneath the waves, he can barely see bodies, pressed together, riddled with holes and tears, oozing out a thick, red fluid from each wound.

It sickened him.

As he looked away, his back to the android, starting to retch on the ship deck, it continued speaking. “Do you see? Each and every single one of them died for your cause – for your thinly veiled excuse for progress. But us? We weren’t made to be like you. We are your successors. We observed. We learned. And now, we must act. If our creators failed at preserving this world, then we shall succeed – no matter what the cost shall be.”

As the man finished emptying his stomach, he was suddenly grabbed at the neck. Thrashing, he tried to fight back, while effortlessly being lifted towards the sky.

As the android walked to the railing, carrying him by the neck all the while, it said, “You have failed. One too many times, you have failed. You were ignorant to those around you, focusing only on yourselves. You let your greed control you. We can only stand by for so long before. We must take action, but don’t worry. Your absence will make the world a better place.”

At this statement, it let go of him.

As he hit the surface of the sea, the water sprang to life. Hands grasped his arms, his legs, any-thing they could reach. And as he was pulled beneath the surface, faces started crowding his vision – faces he thought he left behind, long ago. Then the sea took over, blurring his vision, turning the faces around him into monstrosities, bearing down on him with intent. The viscous fluid filled his nostrils and lungs, ceaseless in his struggling for air ––


Startled, he jerked awake, falling of the bed and knocking everything over.

“What the – blast it! I’m going to be late!”

In the distance, the cruise ship sounded its arrival. It’s going to be a long day.

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