Literary: Conspiracies

10/27/2017 08:24:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

When the truth is hard to believe,
There’s a book you can read,
An article you can retrieve,
Or a person you can seek.

Which talks about Beyoncé and Jay-z,
As leaders of the Illuminati.
Extraterrestrials who roam around,
Capturing those who are safe and sound.

Talks about how cloning exists,
The frightening rise of ISIS,
The ever-growing Mandela Effect,
And hybrid humans and insects.

Taylor Swift’s the queen of lizards,
Around a bunch of hunky bodyguards.
The moon landing was also deemed fake,
And people shape-shift into snakes.

Conspiracy theories,
Are just beliefs,
Only made up,
To mask and cover reality.

These helped me believe,
That the love we had was not real.
I was blinded with your guaranteed security,
Without any sign of certainty.

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