Literary: The Greatest Battle of Them All

11/10/2017 08:20:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

The sun peaks right through me yet again,
Not surprised by the beauty it radiates.
I step closer towards the light,
To challenge the world with grit and might.

My enemies, ordered by the devil
Will harm me no good for I was also sent to kill.
My job to slay those magnificent beasts,
Is just a part of my daily routine.

They come and go throughout the day
Little by little, they watch me decay.
But oh, I know them so well I proudly declare,
They are nothing to me – that, I swear.

Letting my guard down is a big mistake,
For these monsters can poison my soul
But with focus and practice, countering them is no sweat,
With a little bit of side-step, I will pierce through their breath.

When the pelting storm hits,
I am left with nothing but darkness.
Just a speck of light will do,
To turn this void filled with brightness.

But in reality, who truly decides my fate?
No one.
No one else,
but me.

If there is no demon living inside you,
A spy that you hardly even know,
Then the demon outside is nothing,
You melt them just by staring.

You get to decide
Whether to let it work for you,
or against you;
To spread havoc and chaos
Or opportunities and happiness.

Because the greatest enemy of them all,
Is a product of your imagination - nothing more.
Because the greatest battle of them all,
Rests nowhere else - but beneath your soul.

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