Literary: Of Magic Shows and Societies

2/18/2015 08:12:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

 I’ve always thought of how magic shows depict the current state of politics. How the auditorium is like a miniature version of a country. The stage is set, and the characters are well rehearsed and prepared.

                  First up, the Magician, or should I say, the politician. He comes up with the most difficult and most intricate tricks to amuse the people. He makes people believe that his so-called magic is real and that there are no tricks behind it but in fact, it has.

                  Then, there is the assistant. She makes herself look as innocent and as graceful as possible. She makes herself foolish, blindly following every instruction the Magician makes. She looks like she does not know anything, when in fact, she helps the Magician every step of the way. You see her as a foolish person, when in fact, you are the on being fooled.

                  Third, of course, are the spectators. The gullible ones, the ones who ooh and aah while applauding every time the Magician completes a trick. They are easily deceived by “magic”, which shouldn’t be magic in the first place, but merely tricks. They’re stuck on believing that everything they see is true when in fact, it is not.
                  Among these spectators are few people who know what’s going on. People who know that they are only being tricked. They know this, but they are afraid to speak out. They’re afraid, maybe because they would be kicked out of the premises if they said a word. Or that no one will believe them.

                  In the end, the Magician finishes his act. Word will spread about his greatness, his skill, his “magic”. More people will admire him. More people will want to be him, not knowing what they are talking about. But unbeknownst to these people, they are looking up to a person who has tricked them all along.

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