Literary: In Light of Darkness

5/04/2018 08:37:00 PM Media Center 1 Comments

I am darkness, you are light
I run and hide, you stay and fight
As day goes down and night draws near
You shush away my doubts and fears

You say I'm light and you are darkness
Yet in my world, you are my Highness
Ready to follow you day and night
'Cause I am darkness, and you're my light

I flee from voices in my head
That tear me down with bad thoughts said

I also flee from hate and scorn
from lies and eyes and life forlorn

But in my cries, I saw you near
I hold out my hand, “There's nothing to fear.
I'm here for you, through thick or thin
In miracles, or times of sin.”

You saw through what I show the world
Behind the smile's an unknown whirl
“I'm also here, till death do we part.
You're the sunshine of my cloudy heart.”

At times, the world tells us it's wrong
We're different, we don't belong
But when light and darkness comes and collides
We go hold hands, and say, “It's true, it's right.”

Red and Blue
Night and Day

Silence and things left to say
Hide from disappearing sights
No more darkness, we are light

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