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Feature: 5 Mother‘s Day gift ideas (on a budget!)

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Looking for a cheap and relatively free gift for your mother this Mother’s Day? These suggestions, low-cost and simple as they may seem, will surely make your mother feel appreciated and happy when you exert effort to give it.

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1. A day-off coupon

Show your gratefulness for the things she does for you by giving her a day of rest using a personalized day-off coupon. From the house chores to working even on weekends, wipe her to-do-list clean and complete it yourself. A day of doing your mother’s work won't hurt, just think of all the days she had gone through doing it for you.

Write the day-off coupon on a piece of paper or print it out. You can use a template that’s available online or make one yourself to come up with something more special, adding in some personal touches. Included in this day-off coupon is an all-day “pass” from all the chores at home! Nothing will make your mother feel more appreciated and loved.

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2. A hefty breakfast

Let's face it, everybody loves a warm and hefty breakfast. Wake up early to cook her favorite breakfast omelette, fluffy pancakes, bacon, waffles, champorado, sinangag at tuyo and many more! Search up some simple breakfast recipes and choose your mom’s most favorite. Don't forget the drinks! Coffee, tea, orange juice, or whatever she likes. Set it up on the table, or maybe even add some flowers or notes to the side to brighten up her morning. If she isn’t the type of person to get up right after she wakes up, don’t worry. Make her a breakfast in bed which will totally make her morning better.

Make sure to set-up your alarm to ensure that you'll have enough time to prepare in the morning, or prepare it the night before to make cooking easy as pie.

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3. Mother’s Day Kit

Give her a Mother’s Day Kit full of items assembled and handpicked by you. Try to make it suitable for your mom by considering her interests and hobbies and listening to her little rants where you can get some ideas about what she needs.

One example is a relaxation kit. Include face masks and other self-care products, so that she won't forget to pamper and make time for herself. You can also include a short book, one that you think she'll like, or a scented candle to brighten up the ambiance.

There are many other kits to choose from, like stress-reliever kits, and for an even more meaningful one, the ba-kit! It’s a jar full of reasons why you love your Mother, and why you’re thankful for her. There are many choices, and you just have to make one you think will best suit and help her.

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4. The usual Mother's Day card

Yes, the usual, but cards made from scratch filled with love can never go wrong. If you want a creative and colorful gift that will surely make your mother smile, gather all your art materials and release your inner Picasso. Draw pictures and symbols with colors that will represent what you're trying to express, from the fun memories you had to the embarrassing moments that made everyone laugh.

If you’re not that good in the art department, simply write the words you want to say, whether it's by pen and paper or encoded and printed. What matters is what's on the inside, and whatever message you're trying to send will surely make its way to your mother.

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5. Spoken word

Profess your undying love to your mommy by reciting a heartfelt poem that you made for her. Think of all the things you're sorry and thankful for. Don't worry if it‘s not on Shakespeare's level, as long as it's from the heart, your Mother will appreciate it deeply. If you're in tune with your musical side, you can also try composing a song for her. Make it as personal as possible, so that she can hear the words you can never say, but only sing.

Through whatever style or theme you choose to do, make sure that 100% of what you’re going to say is from the bottom of your heart.

This Mother’s Day, give her one of these simple gestures or come up with your own personal gimmick. But then again, the very best gift to give her this Mother’s Day is your love. Oftentimes, we forget to tell them how grateful we are due to our busy schedule, but we can always find time to exert effort and show them the love that mothers truly deserve.

Whatever you choose to do, never forget that doing these things shouldn’t stop after Mother’s Day. You have every day to express gratitude through the littlest of things, may it be food, things, hugs, or priceless words and feelings.//by Josh Santos and Bea Jacinto

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