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Sports: UPIS BVT sweep their second win in Toby's

2/05/2018 09:19:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

PUMPED UP. The UPIS Volleyball team huddle together during time out to regain their strength. Photo credit: Julius Guevarra

The University of the Philippines Integrated School Boy’s Volleyball Team (UPIS BVT) snatched their second win, 25-23, 25-14, 25-12, at the Toby’s Junior Volleyball League against the Espiritu Santo Parochial School Volleyball Team (ESPS BVT) last January 27 at Toby's Arena, Pasig City.

As soon as the ball was served in the second set, UPIS BVT and ESPS BVT made the score board dance with UPIS BVT's Ron Castro, Sam Silvestre, Angelo Cingco, and Miggy Castro's swift attacks until a 10-10 time out was called.

UPIS BVT left ESPS BVT behind as Derick Urgena dominated the front lines by sliding double hits while M. Castro showed off with his dinks and counters. Silvestre finally ended the set with a hissing cut shot, 25-14.

UPIS BVT tried to surpass ESPC BVT after experiencing consecutive errors in the first set but still failed to catch up, 25-23.

As the match was about to end, UPIS BVT decided to sprint a seven point advantage, 13-6, before changing courts as M. Castro and Silvestre hammered attacks behind the net. Dex Daguman and Urgena secured UPIS BVT's defenses with double blocks and a lollipop to further widen the gap from ESPS BVT until Silvestre finally finishes the match with an ace, 25-12.

"Hindi pa kami nakakatikim ng sunod-sunod na panalo. Hindi pa kami nakaka-adjust. Pero pinapangako namin na after ng tournament na 'to, ibang team na kami," Silvestre said.

UPIS BVT gained their third consecutive win in the tournament after defeating Fabella Memorial School (JFMS) with a score of 25-13 and 25-11 last Saturday, February 3, at Toby’s Arena, Pasig City.//by Julius Guevarra

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