Feature: The S.I.N.G.L.E.S. Guide to Surviving the UP Fair

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Ah yes, it's the month of love or as netizens call it, Feb-ibig. It’s that month again when couples take each other out on dates, give each other gifts and enjoy each other’s company. And it’s also the month of UP's most anticipated annual event: the UP Fair, a 5-day concert series filled with local bands, delicious food, tons of amenities, and of course, advocacies.

To enjoy such an event, one might think that having a date with you is a must. Someone to hold, to love and to spend the beautiful night with-- Come on guys, it’s 2018! We’re all strong and independent human beings who can have twice the fun with less the crowd! But if you’re still not convinced and you still think that you can only enjoy the fair with a partner, here is a list of things you can do without having to stress yourself over some non-existent significant other.


The first thing you’d have to put in mind when attending the UP Fair is that having a significant other is not a prerequisite in enjoying the fair. Why not go out with friends? After all, two’s a company, three’s a crowd and five’s a party!

Gather all your single friends and make the UP Fair your ultimate group date. Being single can be sad and intimidating, but being single with friends is more fun, trust us. Enjoying the fair with friends gives you more freedom to spend your money and time since you don’t have to worry about another person. Just stick together and keep your phones on so you won’t leave anyone behind. We wouldn’t want you to be losing a friend in the middle of enjoying the fair.


The UP Fair is held at the Sunken Garden; a 5-hectare piece of lowered land! The bands aren’t the only highlight of the fair because there are tons of activities to choose from and a lot of concessionaires to eat at.

By simply walking around (or sitting down on the grass), you get to witness the genuine reactions of people. The face of despair (or fear) they show at the rides, the face of awe as people hear their favorite bands, or the face of happiness as couples enjoy each other’s company. Also, your happy face knowing that there are lots of buy-1-take-1 food promos for couples but you’re single so more food for you!

But be careful of random mud puddles and cables, we wouldn’t want you to trip or to ruin your favorite shoes just because you got lost in the sights.


The rides at the UP Fair may be few (There are only 4!) but your amusement will surely be limitless. With prices that range from 60 to 70 pesos, the attractions will surely be worth your while.

If your heart can only take so much, we suggest you ride the Ferris Wheel first since it is relatively slower than the others. But if you’d like a little more excitement or if you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, ride the Octopus with a friend (a ride that swivels carts in the air). If you’d want to feel like you’re falling or you just want to view the scene from up high with much more speed than the Ferris Wheel, try the Viking (a pirate boat replica that swings the riders up high). And if you would want to reminisce your favorite playground equipment with more thrill, ride the Swinger instead.

Just remember, never eat an hour before riding one of these. We want you to enjoy the rides as mess-free as possible!


If rides are not right up your alley, you can try the milder and less dangerous alternative: the perya or carnival games. A variety of booths are scattered all over the place but most are usually found near the rides. You could try hurling balls at cans, throwing darts at balloons, tossing rings and flinging coins to win small prizes.

At a reasonable price, you could both marvel at the simple joy of being able to shoot and hit your target and win something along the way. But be cautious of spending too much. Some booths require you to play consecutive games for a certain prize. Remember that you are playing to have fun, not to win a large (but rather, useless) stuffed toy.


The UP Fair is not just all about the bands and the rides. It’s also a good place to fulfill your foodtrip cravings.

From the famous UP street food stalls to cheap pizza-pasta combos (Only 99 pesos for both!), your money is surely going to be spent well and your stomach will end up extremely satisfied.

But remember, be wary of the food choices you’re going to make. Some are worth their price but some are just plain rip-offs. Pick the stalls with more people since they tend to be the good ones and therefore, attract more customers.


The main reason why the UP Fair is always the most popular event to be held within the campus is because of its impressive lineup. With underrated college groups like The Ridleys and STLO to top-notch local bands like Silent Sanctuary and Sponge Cola, the UP Fair has them all.

And whether you know the band or not, don’t hesitate to let loose and have fun. Dance along to the incredible guitar riffs, powerful drum beats and amazing vocals.

To fully experience the concert as a whole, it is a more enjoyable option to be near the stage as much as possible. But if you do decide to dive right into the mosh pit (n. the area in front of a concert stage), don’t forget to bring along a willing friend. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd so it’s a good idea to have a familiar face with you.


Just like listening to your favorite band on repeat, you close your eyes, memorizing the lyrics, singing along to the tune, tapping your foot, doing air guitar solos and air drums-- You don’t notice it, but you close your eyes, and you savor the moment.

Now imagine watching your favorite band live, breathing the same air as them and finally, hearing them perform live. What do you do? If you answered take a picture, you’re missing out on a lot, and maybe you need to reevaluate your priorities. What you need to do, is raise your hands, take a deep breath, and sing your heart out, sing to your heart’s content, sing like nobody’s listening, and sing until your lungs give out! Because times like these don’t need to be photographed. These eventful moments of your life are ingrained in your heart and photographed in your mind. This kind of photograph is what matters the most; making yourself happy without the need to showcase it to the world. Savor the moment, live in the moment.

Being alone and single during the most couple-filled event in UP may make you feel lonely, but with good friends and good food, and the best bands serenading you, being single won’t matter anymore. Remember to just have a fun time with your friends, explore the place, enjoy the music and most importantly, revel in your “single-ness” and the UP Fair will surely be one of the best events you’ve ever attended in your life.//by Josh Santos and Roan Ticman


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Feature: Lady Bird: A Familiar Yet Fresh Take on the “Coming of Age” Genre

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Photosource: A24 Films, https://a24films.com/ 

          The “coming-of-age” film genre has been around for quite some time and it has been wildly popular among teenagers for it features stories about the protagonist’s journey through adolescence and tackles topics that are interesting and relatable to teenagers. It usually deals with topics like having complicated romantic feelings, dramatic friendship feuds, teenage angst or some other personal issues which is why films like these sometimes feel like they exaggerate teenage issues. This often results in actions and situations that are far from what happens in real life. It also sets up unrealistic views and expectations on how teenagers actually live and behave.

          Though, unlike other “coming-of age” movies, Greta Gerwig’s 2017 film Lady Bird is different and stands out from the rest for it uses the same topics and conflicts as other films but at the same time it remains grounded and relatable for its young viewers. It delivers a fresh depiction on a teenager’s voyage to adulthood and offers a lot of charm from its actors.

          It starts with Christine McPherson (Saorise Ronan), giving herself a new name and making everyone call her “Lady Bird.” She is an eccentric high school student who aspires to get in a good college so she can move far away from her hometown. This pushed her to join school activities so she can improve her resumés and hopefully put her life in order. She encounters common relationship problems along the way. Starting with her school, boyfriend, and best friend, but the most highlighted relationship is the one she has with her mom. It is the type of bond where they spend most of their time bickering but then also shows how compassionate they can get for each other. Their love is more evident on how they pay attention to each other rather than just saying it out loud. Their dialogue exchanges were the most memorable in the film because it highlighted how complex yet loving mother-daughter relationships are.

Mrs. McPherson: “I want you to be the very best version of yourself that you can be.”

Lady Bird: “What if this is the best version?”

          Aside from the family themes, the film also tackles conflicts on self-improvement and preparation for one’s future. At the start, it shows how Lady Bird can be reckless and stubborn which causes dismay for the people around her. She never fails to tell everyone about her dreams yet they all know it won’t work for her due to her work ethics. But this didn’t stop her from attempting to reach her goal. The film also managed to show how her life is not a “success story” but a series of her trying, failing then trying again, to become a better person, making the film even more realistic and relatable for everyone.

          Overall, Lady Bird is a great heartfelt film that deserves each award and nomination it received. However, it does have its flaws like having loose ends plot wise, being too fast-paced and only scratching the surface of some problems mentioned. [Make the structure parallel.]. But those are no match for the effective delivery of dialogues, fantastic acting, and clear story-telling. It is an amazing “coming-of-age” film that highlights the importance of knowing who you really are and what you want in your life. It is perfect for those who are unsure of how they can prepare for their future or for those who want to relive the joys and struggles of those moments.

          Lady Bird will be showing on February 28 in selected cinemas.//by Elane Madrilejo



Feature: How to Get Away from Pimples: Hell Week Edition

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Hell week is on its way and that means stress is coming with it. Having too much stress is not an ideal condition for having clear skin, in fact it could make your skin worse than it already is, adding more problems to the ones that you already have. That is why you need to take care of your precious face to prevent pimples from growing.

Prepare your skin for these life-changing products that will help get rid of your pimples. Here are only 5 basic products that you’ll need in your skin care regimen so you can have clear skin. These products are easily available and can be found in supermarkets or department stores near you.

Facial Scrub or Facial wash
This is the most basic requirement in a skin care regimen for any skin type. This takes up a little amount of your time for you only have to wash your face to remove the dirt that has been there throughout the day. We all know that being exposed to dirt is bad for your face because it will stay in your pores and will begin to form pimples. So, using a facial scrub or facial wash at the end of the day will surely help improve your skin condition.

As one TV commercial says “soap and water is not enough.” Sure, washing your face will get rid of most of the dirt on the surface of your skin but you also need to clean your face deeper to unclog your pores. There are different types of toners based on what you want for your skin and what your skin needs. There are pore minimizing toners, hydrating toners, toners for acne prone skin, and more. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to buy toners that are not too harsh but still gives the wanted result.

Face mask
There are different kinds of face masks based on your skins needs, but two of the easiest to use are the sheet masks and peel-off masks. Sheet masks are usually used for dry skin. It helps hydrate, relax and brighten up your dull skin. On the other hand, peel-off masks are for removing unwanted white and black heads. Be careful though, because peel-off masks can be very painful when used for the first time. And always be sure to use the mask that suits your skins needs.

Dry and flaky skin? Make sure that you moisturize to get rid of those dry patches and it can also help the skin to be healthier. Moisturizers can help prevent skin problems. If you’re oily, choose a water-based moisturizer so it can be easily absorbed by your skin. The moisturizer you use should be based on the skin type that you have so make sure that you know it before buying the product.

Pimple Treatments
If the first four products weren’t enough to get rid of or prevent pimples then maybe it’s just in your genes. You may just be naturally prone to pimples because it’s in your DNA. But that doesn’t mean you can’t reduce or get rid of it completely. There are a lot of pimple treatments out there that are specifically made to target those pesky little things. There are creams, ointments, soaps and other products. You can even try a Do-It-Yourself recipe that usually includes lemon that will help dry up your pimples faster and honey that is a natural antibacterial. But like all the other products, the type of treatment you use still depends on the skin type that you have.

Always remember that you should use products that match your skin type to get the best results. No two people are the same, therefore, your skin type is also different from everyone else around you. You need to know yourself better to be able to take care of yourself. So say goodbye to pimples that are caused by stress and dirt and say hello to your new and improved skin. Follow these steps so you won’t look stressed and haggard during hell week. //by: Pauline Demeterio and Jasmine Esguerra


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Feature: 5 Sulit Meals Mula Sa Canteen

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Bilang mga Iskolar ng Bayan, alam natin ang halaga ng bawat singkong duling na mula sa ating mga bulsa. Kung kaya't marami sa atin ang nagtitipid at naghahanap ng mga pagkaing siguradong masarap at talaga namang sulit.

Sa ating kantina ay may ganyang mga pagkain! Kaya naman gumawa kami ng listahan ng kanilang mga tinda na talagang sulit sa bulsang pang-estudyante. Handa na ba kayong malaman ang mga ito?

Carbonara? Pesto? Lasagna? Ano mang uri ng pasta ang naisin mo, tiyak na maihahanda ito ng canteen. Hindi ito nawawala sa menu nila at tiyak na nakatutulong ang sari-saring mga pasta upang mabigyan ka ng sapat na enerhiya sa pang-araw-araw na gawain mo. Puti man o pulang sarsa, hinding-hindi nito bibiguin ang kumakalam mong sikmura dahil sa linamnam nito. Maaari mo pa itong samahan ng juice na nagpapakumpleto ng meryenda o tanghalian.

Ito ang isa sa mga pagkain mula sa canteen na talagang masasabing sulit at nakabubusog pa. Kung ikaw ay nagtitipid at gustong makamura, ang “siomai rice” ang pinakamainam na pananghalian mo. Gamit ang 30 pesos ay mayroon ka nang apat na malasang siomai at isang tasa ng kanin. Maaari mo pa itong dagdagan ng toyo na may chili at pigaan ito ng kalamansi upang maging mas malasa pa ang ulam mo.

Sa halagang 43 pesos ay makakabili ka na ng isang order ng masarap na pansit at isang stick ng katakam-takam na barbecue sa canteen. Sulit ito sapagkat mas mura kaysa sa mga ordinaryong rice meal na ibinebenta at naglalaman pa ito ng iba’t ibang pagkain: gulay mula sa sahog ng pansit, karne mula sa barbecue at carbohydrates mula sa bihon. Tiyak na pasasalamatan ka ng iyong bulsa at katawan dahil sa sulit na sustansyang dala ng combo na ito.

Sa halagang 17 pesos bawat lumpiang toge at kasama ang 10 pesos na kanin, hindi maipagkakailang sulit na sulit na ang pagkaing ito. Samahan pa ito ng sukang sawsawan na magpapayaman pa sa sarap ng lasa ng lumpiang toge. Bukod dito, masustansiya rin ang ulam na ito sapagkat puro gulay kaya naman mas nakabubuti ito sa katawan at hindi nakaka-“guilty” ang pagkain nito.

Ito ang isa sa mga pagkain sa canteen na hindi na kinakailangan ng kasama o kapares. Sapagkat bukod sa malinamnam nitong lasa ay mabigat pa ito sa tiyan kaya tiyak na mabubusog ka. Perfect ito tuwing malamig ang panahon, tag-ulan o kahit nagugutom ka lang. Maaga rin itong ibinebenta sa canteen kaya kung naghahanap ka ng sulit na pang-agahan ito na ang nararapat para sa iyo.

Hindi naman kailangan ng malaking halaga upang mapanatili ang kabusugan ng ating mga tiyan. Kailangan lang maging mautak sa pagpili at pagbili ng pagkain ang mga batang Isko at Iska ng Bayan.//nina Drenisse Moleta at Elane Madrilejo 



Feature: Start Na Ba Klase?

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          “Start na ba klase?”

          Naging tanong mo na ba ito dati?

          Bilang mga estudyante ng UPIS, mayroon tayong apat na mahiwagang araw upang maging mabuting mga mag-aaral at pumasok sa ating mga klase. Ngunit ang maagang pasok ay kinakailangan ng maagang gising. Huwag kang magsinungaling na hindi mo pa nararanasang mahuli sa klase o mapagsarhan ng pinto dahil ‘di mo naabutan ang 5-minute grace period ng titser mo.

          ‘Wag kang mag-alala, ramdam ka namin, kaibigan. Kaya narito ang aming mga payo para ‘di ka ma-haggard sa iyong 7 AM na klase.

Ayusin mo na ang mga gamit mo sa gabi pa lang.

          Iempake mo na ang lahat ng requirements na ginawa mo at lahat ng materyales na pinapadala sa iyo ng mga guro mo. Para hindi ‘yung pagkagising mo ay magkukumahog ka na isalansan ang lahat ng iyon sa bag mo.

          Mahirap nang makalimutan ang project na buong gabi mo pinaglamayan tapos huli ka pa sa klase.

I-set mo ang iyong alarm nang alas-kuwatro ng umaga.

          Bago ka matulog, siguraduhin mo muna na ang iyong alarm ay hindi mo maaabot kapag nakahiga ka pero naririnig mo pa rin. Isang paraan ito upang mapilitan kang bumangon mula sa iyong kama kasi kakailanganin mong tumayo upang patayin ito.

          Siyempre, naaayon din ang oras ng alarm kung saang lupalop ka ng Pilipinas naroroon. Halimbawa, kung nasa Rizal ka, eh ‘di syempre kailangan mo talagang gumising nang maaga. Alam naman nating mga Pilipino na napakatrapik sa Pilipinas, ‘yung tipong lahat yata ng mga sasakyan sa Luzon ay nasa kalsada kung nasaan ang sasakyan mo. Isa pa, lalo na ngayon na isinasagawa na ang jeepney phase out, kung commuter ka, mas lalo kang mahihirapang makaabot nang maaga sa eskuwela. Kung ako sa ’yo, mas magandang magdagdag ka na ng isang oras sa kadalasan mong travel time, para siguradong hindi mami-miss ang pagkanta ng Lupang Hinirang.

Ihanda ang iyong agahan gabi pa lang.

          “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

          Ang pagkain ay ang pangunahing pinagmumulan ng enerhiya sa ating pang-araw-araw na gawain sa buhay. Kapag wala ito, manghihina ang ating katawan at mas lalo tayong aantukin.

          Para makatipid sa oras, ihanda mo na sa gabi ang agahan at pananghalian mo. Mas madali kasing magpainit ng pagkain kaysa sa magluto pa sa umaga. Panigurado rin na hindi sunog na pagkain ang sasalubong sa iyo dahil mas mapagtutuunan ng pansin ang iyong niluluto kapag ginawa ito sa gabi pa lang.

Bilisan mong maligo at magpaganda/magpapogi.

          Huwag ka nang mag-concert sa banyo. Oo na, maganda boses mo, at ikaw na ang susunod na Beyoncé o Regine Velasquez, pero hindi ito ang tamang oras para ipakita ang iyong talento. Tandaan mo, wala kang tagapakinig at may hinahabol ka pang oras.

          Huwag mo nang subukang itsek ang Twitter o Messenger mo kung sumagot na ba ang crush mo sa ’yo kagabi. ‘Di sapat ang oras na inilaan sa ’yo para maghanda kung kikiligin ka pa.

At ang golden rule ng mga magulang para sa kanilang mga anak: HUWAG NA HUWAG ka nang magpuyat sa gabi.

          Huwag mo nang lokohin ang sarili mong maaga kang matutulog ngayong gabi o sa mga susunod pang mga gabi. Sa dinami-rami ng reqs mo, malamang ay mas maikli pa sa tatlong oras ang tulog mo. Sanay ka na sa puyat.

          Pero may point naman talaga ang mga magulang mo na para ‘di ka na huli sa klase ay dapat maaga kang matutulog.

          Paano mo nga ba matatapos ang reqs mo kung matutulog ka nang maaga?

          Ang mga nabanggit ay pawang mga mungkahi lamang upang magawa ang mga kailangan sa buhay. Maraming paraan para hindi ka mahuli sa iyong klase sa umaga. Ang lahat ng tao ay may iba’t ibang paraan ng kalakaran sa umaga, kaya ang mga payong ito ay iayon mo base sa kung ano ang gagana para sa iyo.//nina Nica Desierto at Marlyn Go


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Sports: UPIS Junior Maroons, bigo sa huling laban

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LIPAD. Harap-harapang nag-lay-up si Polo Labao ng UPIS Junior Fighting Maroons kontra kay Andrei Dulalia ng UE Junior Red Warriors. Photo credit: Fatima Wadi

Hindi pinalad magwagi ang University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS) Junior Fighting Maroons Basketball Team laban sa University of the East (UE) Junior Red Warriors sa kanilang huling laro sa University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 80 noong Pebrero 11 sa Ateneo Blue Eagle Gym, Katipunan.

Pinakamataas na scorer ng Maroons si Matt Santiago na nagtala ng 19 na puntos, kasunod sina Joelo Tupaz at Rafael Labao na tumipa ng tig-15. Habang sa kabilang koponan, nanguna si Andrei Dulalia sa iskor na 24 kasama si Agem Miranda na nag-ambag ng 22 at si Shane Dichoso na may 20.

Maganda pa ang laro ng Maroons sa unang kuwarter sa pakikipagpalitan nila ng puntos sa kalaban. Dikit ang dalawa at nagtapos sa iskor na 20-20, tablado ang dalawang koponan.

Inalat ang mga lay-up ng Red Warriors pagdating ng ikalawang kuwarter at naging mahina rin ang kanilang depensa. Dito pumasok ang sunod-sunod na puntos ng Fighting Maroons at ‘di maawat na pag-free throw na naging daan upang makalamang sila ng 2 puntos. Ngunit hindi pa rin nagkakalayo ang iskor dahil parehong magaling ang opensa ng mga manlalaro. Natapos ang laban sa 38-36, lamang ang Junior Maroons.

Tuloy ang pagpuntos ng Maroons at mahigpit ang depensa pagdating sa ikatlong kuwarter. Pero humataw ang kalabang si Dustin Angeles ng magkakasunod na tres na bumuhat sa kanyang koponan. Humabol ang Maroons ngunit kinapos sa iskor na 70-65, pabor sa Warriors.

Nagsimula ang huling kuwarter sa hindi pagkakaintindihan ni R. Labao ng Junior Maroons at ni Policarpio Darvin ng Junior Warriors. Natigil lamang ang tensyon nang sila’y awatin ng referee at ng kanilang teammates. Naging matibay ang depensa ng UE hanggang sa sila’y magwagi, 94-85.

Huling laro na ito ng Grado 12 na si R. Labao kasama ang kanyang batchmates na sina Tupaz, Jaggie Gregorio, at Carlos Villareal. Huling laban na rin ito para sa Grado 11 na sina Santiago at King Vergeire kahit hindi pa nila ito huling taon sa UPIS dahil sila’y overage na ayon sa patakaran.

“This season has been one hell of a roller coaster ride [...] We’ve created this bond we could call more than a team, it’s a family. Future endeavours? I plan to continue working and finish all the unfinished business we had here in high school. All for the game,” sabi ni Gregorio.

“We gave everything we’ve got this season. We had our share of ups and downs, but most importantly we went through it together. Representing the school’s name in front of our jersey gave us inspiration to overcome adversity,” dugtong ni Maroons team captain Villareal.

Nagtapos ang season ng Junior Fighting Maroons sa tatlong panalo at 11 talo. Ang mga koponan na magtatapat bilang final four ay ang Ateneo Blue Eaglets, NU Bullpups, UST Tiger Cubs, at FEU Baby Tamaraws.

Mga Iskor:

UPIS 85 – Santiago 19, Tupaz 15, R. Labao 15, P. Labao 11, Gregorio 10, Vergeire 9, Estrera 6.

UE 94 – Dulalia 24, Miranda 22, Dichoso 20, Almacen 12, Angeles 9, Vinte 7.//nina Pauline Demeterio at Jasmine Esguerra


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Opinion: Cleaning Up Our Act

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Photo Credit: Gail Clemente

The school is often called a second home. It is where new things are learned, friends are met, and schoolwork is finished. It has places for everyone to use, from classrooms for various learning sessions, to faculty rooms where teachers stay in, to the library that houses the information you need, and to bathrooms which are there when you have to do personal business.

The problem is that people, usually students, take these facilities for granted. They are left behind littered and in disarray.

For example, chairs are removed from classrooms and not returned to their original positions — instead of being in neat rows, they get scattered all over the place. Chewed bubble gum can be found stuck to the recesses of armchairs, along with bits and pieces of paper and plastic. Electric fans are also commandeered by various individuals, with the sole purpose of cooling themselves, disregarding the discomfort of others.

Vandalism, such as vulgar comments about various people, rude jokes, and messages aimed at faculty members or students can be found on the walls of bathroom cubicles. Toilets are not flushed after use, sometimes being left with various objects floating around in them. Cubicles are locked up for practical jokes, causing inconvenience for others.

Pieces of trash also litter the rooms, corridors, and field, even if there are trash bins nearby.

Numerous complaints can be heard from students, teachers, and custodians alike, oftentimes directed at the people who pay no respect to the facilities they use. However, these are ignored, and the school facilities keep on getting disrespected.

These actions show the lack of respect and gratitude of students. They leave the facilities without returning them to order. This is caused by the mindset that someone else will clean them up or fix them.

More than just showing a lack of respect, however, these actions are also rule violations with corresponding punishments. For example, Rule 4 of the School Rules and Regulations, concerning the care and protection of school property, includes sanctions for vandalism and littering. It states that the violators are to clean up and restore damaged school property, while serving a set amount of hours of school service, and in certain cases, in-school suspension.

However, despite penalties being laid out, they are not heavily enforced. Students who litter go off untouched. Sections which leave rooms cluttered can just go on to their next class without being sanctioned. Proper waste segregation is blatantly disregarded.

At home, we have been taught respect, cleanliness, and gratitude for people and our surroundings — cleaning up after we play, washing dishes after we eat, being careful with everything we touch whether or not it is ours, and respecting our surroundings no matter where we are. These values should be brought everywhere we go, and this means they should also be brought to school.

Even if there are janitors in school, we should not forget to still be responsible for the messes we make. It's not hard to flush the toilet, throw garbage properly, clean up the facilities used, or do other things to maintain the facilities’ cleanliness. These values should be practiced everyday by students to make staying in school as comfortable as possible.

The values learned and observed in our households should likewise be observed at school. A more disciplined people will encourage a better and healthier environment that all will benefit from. There will be fewer problems regarding the maintenance of facilities and the comfort of the users.

A home should be inviting, cozy, and livable. Let's make our school as such, not just for ourselves, but for future students who’ll hopefully love our school as much as we do.//by Storm Gatchalian, Marlyn Go and Philip Jocano


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Opinion: #PinoyPride

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Photo credit: Gail Clemente

Pride isn’t always a bad thing. Parents can take pride in their children; students can take pride in their high grades; and, in general, people can take pride in their achievements.

However, as with a lot of other things, a severe excess is bad.

Filipinos are known to be very proud of their heritage. At the slightest mention of anything Pinoy in an international context, they are quick to take credit. Filipino participating in the Winter Olympics? KABABAYAN KO ‘YAN!! A half-Filipino joining a foreign talent competition? PINOY PRIDE!!! A Hollywood celebrity is 1/16 Filipino? PROUD TO BE PINOY!!! A runner-up in an international beauty pageant is 1/64 Filipino? FILIPINO STRONGEST RACE!!! Pinay maid helping raise a foreign champion swimmer? FILIPINO PRIDE!!!

However, is this really the way to show #PinoyPride?

There is nothing wrong with displaying a sense of patriotism. Citizens being proud of their country is a sign of national unity and cohesion. However, this display is petty and shallow.

Filipinos are quick to jump on the bandwagon of praising their fellows once international acclaim is met. This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, what happens is that no support is provided to those local talents on the difficult way to success. It is only when the trials have been passed and there is praise to be reaped that the Filipino come shouting.

Filipinos also grasp at threads just to be able to claim that they are great. No matter how minor the involvement of Filipino culture or how far removed from Filipino heritage something is, Pinoys still take pride in it so long as it can be labelled ‘Pinoy’.

Besides that, there is a culture of immediately antagonising those who criticise anything Filipino.

For example, when a non-Filipino makes fun of Filipino stereotypes online, they are immediately responded to by offended Pinoys who generally respond in uppercase letters and angry remarks. Meanwhile, the same Pinoys openly make racist statements and degrade those different from them.

Another example is the international criticism of the administration’s war on drugs and disregard of human rights. So many Filipinos took to social media to refute these criticisms. They threatened, slandered, and insulted just to protect their view of Filipinos being perfect.

This does not help the Filipino people at all. This is a narcissistic view that fails to recognise the ills in our society. It is a show of a sense of grandiosity which prevents us from improving as a nation. Rather than show how much one loves one’s country, actions like these demonstrate the exact opposite: that one does not actually appreciate the country enough to act for its betterment.

If the Filipino people truly want to demonstrate their love for the Philippines, they should do so in better ways. They could support local talents on the way to acclaim. They could buy more local products to support the country’s economy. They could promote indigenous culture and take pride in the truly Filipino. Finally, they could act for the betterment of the country, instead of insisting on a perfection not truly there.

Pinoy Pride, as it is, is a blight upon Filipino society. It is shallow, disgusting, and blind. It purports to display a love of our country, but fails to show a true appreciation of our culture, race, and heritage. It is pride in name and not in deeds. It does not value the Pinoy. Rather, it values merely the ‘Pinoy’.//by Craig Aquino and Cyrille Villanueva



UPIS scouts, pumarada

2/28/2018 08:45:00 PM Media Center 1 Comments

DANGAL. Taimtim na nakikinig ang mga iskawt ng UPIS sa programa ng Scouts Parade sa Quezon Hall. Photo credit: Marco Sulla.

Muling isinagawa ang Scouts Parade ng mga iskawt ng University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS) mula UPIS grounds patungong UP Quezon Hall noong Pebrero 26, Lunes.

Layunin ng parada na kilalanin at pagsama-samahin ang mga iskawt: Star (Grado 1-3), KAB (Grado 2-3), Junior (Grado 4-6), Senior (Grado 7-10), Cadets (mga pinuno ng Senior Girl Scouts), at Phoenix (mga pinuno ng Senior Scouts), at gunitain ang kamatayan ng tagapagtaguyod ng iskawting na si Lord Baden Powell.

Pangunahing tagapagsalita sa programa si Dr. Fidel Nemenzo, Vice Chancellor for Research and Development, dating iskawt at parent leader ng iskawting sa UPIS. Hinikayat niya ang mga dumalo na isabuhay ang mga natutunan nila sa pagiging iskawt.

Sinabi rin niya na dapat makibahagi ang mga iskawt sa nation-building sa pamamagitan ng pagiging mabuting impluwensiya sa iba, mula sa kanilang tahanan, paaralan, hanggang sa kanilang komunidad.

Humigit-kumulang na 200 iskawt, kasama ang UPIS Prinsipal na si Prop. Lorina Y. Calingasan, mga gurong troop leader, at mga parent leader, ang dumalo sa nasabing parada.//ni Nica Desierto


alex yangco,

UPIS students participate in ARETE Summit

2/28/2018 08:43:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Representatives from the University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS) Batch 2018 ranked first place in a case presentation competition as part of the ARETE: University of the Philippines Diliman – Social Sciences and Philosophy Summit on February 23-24 at the NISMED Auditorium, University of the Philippines, Diliman.

Grade 12 students Raymund Creencia, Hillary Fajutagana, Em Gacad, Marianne Sasing, and Rachel Siringan represented UPIS in the competition. Their team won Php 20,000, which they will use to fund their project “ToREACHMo: Light Up Laiban.” The project, according to Mr. Yancy Garganta, the team’s adviser, will aid the Dumagat-Remontado groups of Brgy. Laiban, Tanay, Rizal in their struggle to preserve their ancestral land and establish a sustainable livelihood.

The project is a “voluntourism,” a type of initiative that explores a new culture while contributing to the betterment of a selected community. The team will work with Magkasamang Adhikaing Solar Association Incorporated (MASA Inc.) They will have a day tour of Brgy. Laiban and they will participate in the livelihood activities of the Dumagat-Remontado groups. According to Fajutagana, the group also intends to provide assistance by giving the community some lamp cases.

Other than the case studies, the summit also consisted of plenary talks with speakers Congressman Teddy Baguilat Jr. and Attorney Alex Lacson, followed by breakout sessions, in which students attended a talk they selected. It ended with a team-building activity with all the participating students from different schools.

“Noong una kinabahan ako kasi first case competition ko, wala akong experience, pero masaya naman pala. Friendly naman ang ibang mga schools tapos yung pinaka-strength talaga nung summit ay ang galing ng speakers nila. Lahat nung speakers marami akong natutunan. Nakakakaba yung finals round kasi sa harap ng maraming tao magsasalita. Pero masaya rin ako na nanalo kami kasi makakatulong kami sa Brgy. Laiban dahil sa project namin,” Fajutagana said.

The ARETE focused on indigenous people in the overall theme, which was incorporated in all of the case studies, particularly helping the native groups.//by Philip Jocano and Alex Yangco



Literary (Submission): Gunita

2/21/2018 09:07:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Babalikan ko ang araw ng pagkaguho ng mundo ko
Ang sandaling nawalan ako ng malaking parte ng aking puso
Ang araw na siyang hanggang ngayon, di ko matanggap na totoo

Naghihintay ako sa labas ng ICU noon
Umiiyak, nagdadasal sa Diyos, nakaidlip, nakatulala
Di na mawari ng aking isipan ang aking pinaggagagawa
Nang lapitan ako ni Papa, halata ang pagpigil niya sa nag-uumapaw nang mga luha
Ang sabi niya, "Anak, kailangan mo nang magpaalam sa iyong ina."

Di ko alam kung paano ako nakaladkad
Ng aking nagkukumahog na tuhod at paa
Tungo sa tabi ng kamang kinaroroonan niya
Pero nandoon ako, nandoon siya
‘Yun nga lang, ang puso ko'y tumitibok pa, ang kaniya'y hindi na
Nakapikit ang mata, tandang buhay ay wala na

"Hindi iyan ang nanay ko!" gusto kong sabihin.
"Si Mama ay nasa bahay, naghihintay sa akin."
"Hindi iyan ang nanay ko!"
"Di pa patay si Mama! Nagkakamali kayo!"

Pero hindi
Ilang beses ko nang sinubukang baguhin
Mula sa inakala kong masamang panaginip
Sinubukan kong gumising

Pero hindi
Kahit ano pa ang gawin ko
Kahit ilang panalangin ang sambitin ko
Iyon at iyon ang realidad ng aking mundo

Mula noon, bawat araw ay may kaakibat na pait
Bawat paghinga'y may kasamang masidhing sakit
Bawat dasal ay may tagong galit
Kasi pakiramdam ko, dinaya ako ng Diyos! Dinaya ako ng tadhana!
Ang daya mo! Ang daya-daya mo!
Kasi ba naman, sa lahat ng taong puwede mong kunin
Bakit pa ang nanay ko!

Si Mama na walang ginawa kundi alagaan ako
Si Mama na walang ginawa kundi tumulong sa ibang tao
Si Mama na walang ginawa kundi maglingkod sa iyo
Bakit pa ang nanay ko?

Pero alam mo, Ma
Sa kabila ng mga ito
Sa kabila ng sakit, pait, at galit
Ako ay mapapayapa sa gunita ng iyong ngiti
Ako ay mapapayapa sa gunita ng iyong tawa
Sa gunita ng malaanghel mong tinig
Sa gunita ng iyong matamis na pagkalinga
Sa gunita ng iyong dakilang pag-ibig
Sa gunita mo, Ina

At sa mga pagkakataong nalulunod ako sa pighati ng iyong kawalan
Ang iyong gunita, ang aking kapanatagan
Ina, sa tuwing ang puso ko'y tigib sa kalungkutan
Ang iyong gunita, ang aking tanging kaligayahan

Sa pamamagitan ng mga alapaap sa langit, hayaan mong ikaw ay aking hagkan
Kahit katiting lamang ng aking pagmamahal sana'y iyong maramdaman
Di man kita maalayan ng regalo, tsokolate, o mahahalimuyak na bulaklak
Nawa'y maiparating sa iyo ng mga maningning na tala itong aking munting panawagan

Happy Valentine’s Day, Ma
Ang gunita mo ang aking panghahawakan
Mananatili ka sa puso ko magpakailanman



Literary (Submission): Random Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

2/21/2018 09:02:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

-I see myself when I look in the mirror. I see the world when I look at you.

-Your eyes are pretty, but they don’t hold the universe, despite what some love songs say. Your stare means more to me. With one simple glance, they hold the words, "I understand you."

-You're the moon that follows me even at darkness. You're the sun that brings actual life in my life. You're the one I'd follow night or day. Yet I'd still be the one unable to reach you.

-If romantic movies and novels are real, a lot of people who fall in love would probably be dead.

-You've only scratched the surface of this smile that says a thousand words even though it isn't real.

-This Valentine’s Day will get pretty cheesy for me. "Hello, Pizza Hut?"

-A lot of people I know keep saying the basic same thing to me, "This Valentine’s Day is dedicated to the one who keeps me safe and holds me up," then they proceed to hug their shoes.

-There are a million stars out there, so it's hard to find one that grants wishes. At least there's someone with me who shines like a star.

-Nothing is sweeter than saying this to the woman you love, "Mom, will you be my Valentine?"



Literary (Submission): A Confession

2/21/2018 08:59:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

I was in love with you
Far before I was willing to admit it.

My memories were blurred,
With our voices muffled and distant
and everything around us was hazy.

But I remember the look in your eyes
The way you laughed and smiled.
That was the moment I fell in love.

It was probably just a regular conversation
That we were having one day.
My heart just decided to implode right then.

All I know was
I would’ve given everything in this world
Just to stay right there with you.

The conversation continued like nothing happened.
Just like I didn’t have the most life-changing realization ever.

It wasn’t like in the films.
There was no grand speech,
There was no big plan to ask you out.

We continued on,
Just as if I didn’t find the one.



Literary (Submission): Siya

2/21/2018 08:56:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Siya’y aking mundo
Siya’y patunay na may milagro
‘Pag kasama siya tila walang ibang tao
Parang kami lang ang laman ng daigdig
Siya, ako, at ang aming pag-ibig.

Siya’y parang anghel
Siya’y maliwanag pa sa araw
At tuwing siya ay ngumingiti
Oras ay tumitigil nang sandali
At pagmamasdan ng lahat ang kanyang mga labi.

Boses niya ay himig
Na di ako magsasawang marinig
Sa bawat bigkas ng salita
Paghihirap at pasanin ko’y nawawala
Hanggang sa siya lamang ang naaalala.

Siya ay aninag
Sa karimlan siya’y liwanag
Siya ang aking pag-asa
Tuwing akala kong wala na
Nasa kanya ang aking tiwala.

‘Pag kasama siya’y parang nasa langit
Lahat ay maginhawa at tahimik
Wala ni isang kaluluwa
Ang maghihiwalay sa aming dalawa
Tunay na makapangyarihan, o pagsinta!

Ngunit siya’y di akin
At kailangan ko nang gumising
Mula sa matamis na panaginip
Na naganap sa mundong kathang-isip
Kung saan ako’y kanyang inibig.



Literary (Submission): Chasing Echoes

2/21/2018 08:53:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

A year ago. On this very day….

It felt as if our fates finally intertwined
As you asked me a question that resounded in both my heart and mind
Only to be followed by a deafening silence
As I replied with a pitiful lie in that very instance

“I like you as a friend.”

Not a day goes by that I don’t regret those things I’ve said
As the desire of my heart gave in to the loud voices inside my head
Frightened by the possibility that things would fall apart,
I shattered this dream of an “us” before it could even start

But now, it’s that time of the year again….

As I head back once more to the place where we once talked
I found myself daydreaming, lost in my thoughts
Reminiscing the words that were once spoken,
I recall how you asked me with such honest eyes:

“Do you love me?”

But these words now seem to be nothing but a distant echo
Just a lost fragment of a fleeting memory so long ago
And yet I cannot help but utter a single sigh
As I whisper to the wind an earnest reply:

“I still do.”



Literary (Submission): Back to Back

2/21/2018 08:47:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

(You can also read it back and forth from girl to boy)

Girl:                                                                             Boy:
Today,                                                                          This Valentine’s Day,

I'll go up to him, proud.                                                Confidently, I'll say how I feel.                 

I’ll write on this lacy heart with a pen                          I was nervous, but I mustered up my
in my hands.                                                                 courage  with  this card.

"When we first met, up  until now,                                       "I'm not sure what to do.

I feel weak, even when you're doing nothing;               I still feel butterflies in my stomach.

My world turns bright, even at night.                         Because you're more than a best friend to me

You're the One."                                                             You're my Always."

Words can't truly express how I feel.                             I'm scared.

I'm still extremely unsure                                               And yet with fear in my heart, I swallowed and counted to
The world keeps teasing and breaking us but                With every problem I will still be here for you

No matter the fear or rejection                                       No matter the trials we face

I Love You



Literary (Submission): Tough Love

2/21/2018 08:43:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

I had waited one whole year
For just one day that I might feel different
Just one day that I’d get to satisfy my craving
Just enough to last another year without it

And now you’re here
Down on both knees
Ready to give me all the love in the world
Ready to be just what I need

Oh! How the tables have turned
With you looking so helpless in front of me
The same way I feel every single day
When you’re with me, or at least you claim to be

With all the presents you brought today
Still, you ask what I want and need
It feels strange to finally hear you sound so caring
Maybe you should try to do that more often

You then cling to me as if I am something so precious
Beg for me like you’d die without me
But I know this act of yours wouldn’t last long
And I know exactly just how this would end

As you profess your love and admiration,
I’d eat up every word you say
The same words I’ll replay in my head every single day
To make up for the next 364 days full of emptiness

And, like clockwork, with the warmth of our love today,
I’d forgive the coldness of our yesterdays and our tomorrows
And I’d pretend I believe you when you say you love me
My lover, oh so loveless



Literary (Submission): Compositions

2/21/2018 08:39:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

The sound of the song that you play
The song of your voice, the sound that I hear
where I’m the composer arranging a piece
And you are the song I’m wanting to hear

When I first played your tune
I heard your notes, and you were mine
Where I felt like Debussy
composing my Claire de lune

Trying to hear the progress I gave you, a listen
Where you play a sharp, but I needed a minor
These notes that I write, the song that you want to be
I think to myself, looking at a mirror

Next to the piano, I continue to write
I try to match chords, fifths, ninths, and sevenths
but to no avail when you kept being out of tune
I see that music is a pain and an art with patience

And you’re the art this composer is struggling to grasp
not every day comes a piece you think is the one
the piece you really wanted to make
the piece that comes out to be the best you could’ve done

But in your song I couldn’t follow
the notes I arranged weren’t the ones you wanted to hear
I try to understand music’s complexity, your beauty
and here I am waging war with a piece I’m breaking

I’m composing, thinking that I’m the composer
when it was the other way around
The piece I’m arranging and trying to understand was never you
but my feelings and yours unbound

You’re the composer
The composer I can’t keep up with
Your complex tunes and chords, I can’t comprehend
Even I myself can’t understand

The notes you play you hear to be right
The notes I play that you see wrong
The composer who’s getting composed by the piece he’s trying to make
Who am I? Not a composer, but a chord in your song



Literary (Submission): Paper Stars

2/21/2018 08:29:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Glow, ever glow
All those paper stars
That freckled the ceiling
With ethereal colours of silver and gold
Glittering with their faint light
As if they were solely shining for us

All the rows of paper stars,
That sea of light divine.
They guided us through the crevices
Between the crowd of people,
Until we found each other,
Far from the brink of parting.

Dancing beneath those paper stars
Was like holding you for the first time
Your gaze told me so much
Oh, how you held them.
Was I one of those stars
For you to look at me that way?

Glow, ever glow
Still glittering their faint light
But not afraid to shed their warmth
Are all those paper stars.
Their simple beauty,
Is forever ours to keep.



Literary: I Love You, Bes

2/21/2018 08:26:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Ika’y may ngiting sintamis ng tsokolate
Na nakapagpapatumba sa napakaraming lalake
Ang iyong mga mata’y sinliwanag ng sikat ng araw
At ang iyong mga pisngi ay simpula ng bagong pitas na rosas

Ika’y may hagikgik na nagpapahalakhak sa ’king puso
At ang iyong boses ay musika sa aking tainga
Mayroon ka ring taglay na kakaibang talino at ganda
Nagbibigay ng inspirasyon sa bawat sandaling nakikita ka

Araw at gabi tayo’y laging magkausap
Ang iyong topic ay ang “cute boys” na iyong nahanap
Biglang bumaligtad ang aking ngiti
Bes, bakit mga lalake pa ang iyong pinipili?

Ikaw ang dahilan ng pagdagundong ng aking puso
Aking mga kalungkutan, kaagad mong napaglalaho
Umaayos ang magulong mundo, sa isang tawa mo lamang
Buhay kong nalulumbay, biglang nabubuhayan

Ang “ikaw” at “ako,” may tsansa kayang maging “tayo”?
Pero, Bes, di nga pala tayo talo
Sapagkat ikaw ay maganda,
At maganda rin ako



Literary: Himig ng Liham

2/21/2018 08:21:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Aking Melodiya,

            Bagong umaga na naman ang dumating, sana’y nakatulog ka nang mahimbing kagabi. Pasenya ka na’t wala ako riyan sa tabi mo ngayon dahil kinailangan kasi ako sa trabaho. ‘Di bale… susulatan na lang kita para maging maganda ang simula ng araw mo. 

Ang panguna sa listahan ng mga nais sabihin ng dalawa kong labi ay ang tatlong salitang ito:  apat na taon.

Ganito na tayo katagal na nagmamahalan at hanggang ngayon ay manghang-mangha pa rin ako sa buong pagkatao mo. Mula sa maningning mong mga mata, hanggang sa kahiligan mong humiga sa damo para maligaw sa kagandahan ng mga tala. Pero Mel, ang pinakanaibigan ko sa ’yo ay ang pagkahumaling mo sa pagsayaw.

Simula hayskul pa lang, sayaw na ang pinakamahal mo, lahat ay isasakripisyo mo para dito. At ang iyong paggalaw? Kahali-halina. Sabi mo nga sa akin, sa tuwing sumasayaw ka, lumalaya at lumiligaya ka. Pero para sa akin, Mel, lalo kang gumaganda.

Ang pangalawang bagay na nakapaloob sa liham na ito ay apat na pantig:  Pasensya na.

Araw-araw ko itong binibigkas sa iyo at hindi ako titigil magpakailanman. Pasenya na’t ganiyan ang kalagayan mo, dalawang taon na ang tagal. Kasalanan ko na inimbita kita noon sa perya para makinig sa mga banda, pero ang ginawa ko lamang ay uminom. At noong nagyaya ka nang umuwi ay hindi kita nasamahan dahil lasing na ako’t bawal nang magmaneho. Kung nasamahan kita, hindi ka sana naaksidente nang gabing iyon.

Pasensya na, Mel. Dahil sa akin, nawalan ka ng pandinig. At dahil sa akin, hindi mo na mapakikinggan ang musika na kailangan mo sa pagsayaw.

Pero nais kong magpasalamat dahil sa tuwing sinusulatan kita ng mga salitang “Pasensya na,” ang mga isinasagot mo pabalik ay “Pinapatawad kita.” At sa tuwing sinasamahan kitang sumayaw sa maliit nating kuwarto, na napakatahimik at walang musika, ibinubulong ng iyong mga labi ang linyang “Mahal kita.”     

Melodiya, mahal na mahal din kita.

Gusto kong malaman mo na hindi mo kailangan ng pandinig at boses para maipahayag ang mga nais mong sabihin, dahil mula nang mawalan ka nito, sayaw at simpleng paggalaw na ang lengguwahe natin sa isa’t isa. At ipinapangako ko na ako na ang magsisilbing melodiya mo, dahil ikaw ang sa akin.

Tandaan mo, uuwi ako nang maaga mula sa trabaho ko ngayon para makasama ka mamayang gabi. Araw ng mga Puso ngayon, nakalimutan mo ba? Huwag kang mag-alala. Papakainin kita sa paborito mong tapsilogan, at pagkatapos, buong gabi kitang isasayaw sa ilalim ng mga tala.





Literary: My Valentine

2/21/2018 08:17:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Red, everywhere is all I see
On the streets, the net and on TV
Hearts, cupids that float above
Things most associated with love

Bitter, I may sound and seem
But all of this is for me is a bad dream
Seeing couples around me, all lovey dovey
Wow the single life is fun, aren’t I lucky

As I walk the road towards my next destination
I can’t help but sigh in desperation
Yes, I do admit I’m a bit lonely
Lord, when will I ever get my “honey”

Time continues as I reach home-stretch
The road’s ambiance trailed with my unfortunate etch
Why did I ever think I’d get a flower from you today
When I don’t even get a hey any day

The exhaustion sits once I enter my house
My energy truly unaroused
Sure it’s too early but I just want to sleep
Enjoy my slumber, exploring a dream deep

I lay on my pillow, my eyes already shut
When I feel a lump under, a rectangular cut
I pulled the thing out, it was a chocolate box
I got a bit annoyed, who dare mocks?!

It said, “Hey, little fox, it’s me, your dad,
Today is a special day so don’t be sad.
I know you think that we see you as fine
But always remember that, I am here,
Your first Valentine.



Literary: Kahit Sandali

2/21/2018 08:14:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Tayo’y nagkakilala, ilang araw matapos ang buwan ng Hunyo.
Bawat lihim, inilantad sa isa’t isa at sa ‘di maipaliwanag na dahilan, tayo’y nagtugma,
Parehong paborito na mga aklat, pelikula, musika, bunso ng pamilya, at sikreto.

Parang nakita ko ang aking sarili, nakatingin lang sa isang klarong salamin;
Parang nadama ko ang nawawalang kapares ng aking kaluluwa.
At sa bawat sandali na tayo’y magkasama, napagtanto ko…

Sa tuwing sumasapit ang umaga, titingin sa telepono, umaasa sa matatamis na bati mo,
‘Di mo hinayaang lumipas ang isang araw nang hindi nagtatanong tungkol sa araw ko.
At pagsapit ng dilim, malamig na muli ang gabi at ang patak ng ulan ay lumalakas;
Binati mo ako nang mataimtim na: “Matulog ka nang maiigi, at bukas tayo’y mag-uusap pa.”

Sa wika lang yata tayo hindi nagtugma; nagustuhan ko ang Pranses
Ikaw nama’y nagustuhan ang wikang Aleman.
Kaya laking gulat ko nang ako’y binati mo sa wikang nagustuhan ko.
At ‘di ako nagpahuli at sinagot din kita sa wikang nais mo.

Bigla mo na lang ibinahagi sa akin ang mga larawang nakuha mo sa ibang bansa,
Sinasabi mo na mahal mo ang mga hayop at nais mo na tayong dalawa ang mag-aruga.
Ibinigay mo rin ang litrato ng iyong mga alaga: isang ibon at tatlong daga
At pagkatapos nito’y ang larawan ng kumikinang mong mga mata.

Lumalalim na ang ating pag-uusap, humaba ang ating oras,
May naramdaman akong kati sa aking isipan, na parang dapat kitang tanungin:
“Paano kita matatawagan?”
Nawala ito sa aking isipan noong nagkuwento ka tungkol sa ’yong bagong alaga.

May ibon ka na naman, namomroblema ka dahil ang unang alaga mo’y galit sa kanya.
Hinayaan lang kitang magsumbong, tungkol sa kanilang bawat pagtuka.
Hindi mo lang alam, ang puso ko’y nalulunod na
Dahil sa sobrang galak na nakilala kita.

Hanggang sa sumapit ang isang araw, umiiyak ka dahil ang iyong bagong alaga’y aalis na.
Hindi ko alam kung ano’ng gagawin ko;
Gusto kitang yakapin, ibulong sa ’yong mga tainga na magiging maayos din ang lahat.
Ngunit hanggang dito lang ako, nananatili sa kabilang linya.

Dumating ang ‘di inaasahan, ang telepono’y nasira’t hindi ka matawagan.
Paano na ito? Ano’ng gagawin ko? Gusto pa kitang makasama, makausap at makilala.
Pero ‘di naayos ang ating tagapag-ugnay, at noong tiningnan ko ang kalendaryo, ang puso ko’y nawasak.
Ngayon ang araw na iiwan ka ng bago mong alaga, at wala ako sa tabi mo upang ika’y damayan.

Ganoon na lang ba? Isang buwan lang kita makikilala?
Isang buwan lang ba ang sandali upang makita ang kabilang pares ng pusong umaasa?
Mag-iisang taon na, ‘di pa rin kita nakikita.
Sana, ako rin ay iyong naaalala
Dahil ako’y nawawalan na ng pag-asa.

Pero ako’y maghihintay.
‘Pagkat alam ko, na ang tadhana’y ‘di ganito kasama.
Na kung isang beses, tayo’y pinagkilala,
Alam kong sa susunod na pagtatagpo, tayo’y mananatili na sa isa’t isa.



Literary: Rosas

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Sa isang rosas nagsimula ang ating kuwento
Tuwang-tuwa ka pa noong ibinigay mo ito
“Wala na akong ibang hahanapin,” ika’y nangako,
“Ikaw lang ang mamahalin at pasasayahin ko.”

Sa pula’t pihikan na talulot, ako’y nabighani
Inilagay sa plorera, nangakong aalagaan nang mabuti
Araw-araw pinagmamasdan, bigay ng pinakatinatangi
Hanggang sa tuluyan nang naakit sa marikit na palamuti.

Naubos ang oras sa kababantay,
Pinipilit pang mamulaklak, bakit pa ba naghintay?
Ako’y nagalit, kahit rosas ay walang kasalanan
Matapos makapagmuni-muni, ito’y agad nang kinalimutan.

Itong nag-iisang rosas ay binawi mo,
Kinabukasan ay hinandugan mo ulit ako ng bago
“Alagaan nang mabuti, kahit anong mangyari,
‘Di malalanta ang pag-ibig ko sa ’yo, binibini.”

Itong bagong rosas, akin nang iningatan
Niyakap nang mahigpit, ‘di na ulit pinakawalan.
Kahit ang tangkay nito’y matinik, ‘di ko mabitawan,
Sino ba’ng makatatanggi sa taglay nitong kagandahan?

Dahil sa pagkakayakap na mahigpit,
Bulaklak ay nasakal, hindi na kumapit
Muling naluoy, nawalan na ng kulay,
Oras na inilaan ay wala nang saysay.

Itong pangalawang rosas ay muli mong binawi
Ngunit sa pangalawang pagkakataon, ‘di mo na isinauli.
Iyong mga kataga ay tuluyan nang nalanta,
Ang ating pag-ibig, ‘di na magbubunga pa.

Bakit kapag pilit na inaaruga ay nasisira,
At hindi na kayang buhayin pa?
Bakit ang dating ating nararamdaman,
Ay hindi na maaaring maibalik sa nakaraan?

Ako pa rin ba ang nagpapatibok sa ’yong puso?
Kaya pa bang tiisin kung ikaw pa rin ang mahal ko?
Ako lang ba ang nag-iisang rosas mo?
O iba na ang bulaklak na iyong gusto?



Literary: Super Moon

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We were together on the roof of my house, we watched the moon together.

            “It’s moving,” I said. “No, we’re moving,” you corrected. “I meant that in a poetic sense,” I replied. “Ohh… well, I guess it is,” you responded. You sounded sad and I don’t think it’s because you misinterpreted me again.

            I realized the moon is moving though or I guess, we were.

            “What’s wrong?” I asked you. “What do you mean?” You still sounded sad. “You seem, uhh, off,” I said.  “It’s just that, I don’t know. I can see the moon moving,” you replied. “And?”

I didn’t understand. Was I being dense? Was I being stupid?

            “And I just realized nothing’s permanent,” you sounded so heartbroken. I didn’t know what to say.  Then you went on. “I’m just scared, I mean how long can we last? Aren’t you scared? Do you think we’re strong enough for this? What if everything goes wrong? What if we fall apart? What if I hurt you? What if —”

“Baby,” I had to interrupt you, you were overthinking again. “Baby, listen, everything’s temporary okay? You know that right?” I heard your little ‘mhm’ as a response. “And I guess so are we.” I heard you sniffling. I didn’t dare look because I might start crying.

            I went on, “But isn’t the moon so beautiful? Aren’t sunsets beautiful?” You managed to utter a muffled ‘yeah.’ “They don’t last that long but they’re the most beautiful things I see every day. Even if we can’t last the longest, I promise, we’ll love the realest. We’ll be the most beautiful sunset, moonshine, or pizza slice ever, okay?”

“Yeah, okay,” you replied weakly. “We’ll try our best and if it doesn’t work, I guess it wasn’t meant to be,” I said cautiously.

            There was silence, and stars, and cool midnight breeze.

            “But I love you,” you said after a while. “And I love you too and that’s what’s important, okay. I love you, so much,” I replied. “I want to hug you right now,” you said. “Yeah, me too. Just hug your pillow and think of me. You should go to sleep now, it’s already 3 am there,” I said.  “I know right. Let’s vid call again tomorrow, okay?”  “Of course!” I flashed you a smile of reassurance. You tried to smile back but your eyes were reddish and puffy.

            “Good night, baby. Sweet dreams. I love you,” I recited our nightly goodbyes like always. “Good night. Sweet dreams. I love you. See you tomorrow, ” you said. “Yup, see ya’! Byeeeeeee!!!”

         We ended the call. I felt this longing empty feeling but with a tinge of contentment. I was happy and sad and it was good. We were good.


cinnamon bun,

Literary: Colors You Hold

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From the moment we met,
I knew you lived inside spring.
At first glance,
My heart was pulled by strings.

Your joy was vigorous,
And your spirit vibrant,
A stark contrast to my nature,
And my silent disposition.

You were the embodiment of hue.
I was monochromatic, and you were color itself.
Yet you made me your friend,
And brought out feelings I have never felt.

When I was beside you,
And our eyes aligned,
Yours sparkled so bright,
That I had to close mine.

My soul was in agony,
Trapped in black and white,
But you pulled it from the shadows,
And brought it into light.

You taught me the true meaning of freedom,
And that freedom is life,
And that life is full of joy
When it is lived right.

We laughed and we ran,
We stared at the night sky,
On the way home,
When you suddenly cried,

Speaking of the ephemeral
Which I did not understand.
Like fireflies that glowed,
You said, our time together was not going to last.

All that time,
You knew your time was short.
Yet you came into my life,
And became my greatest support.

It was almost as if
You barged right into my heart,
Without taking off your shoes,
And brought brightness with you

I could not help but welcome you,
Since you brought such colors,
Which imbued my gray skies,
With happy strokes of fervor.

And you used to always ask me
If I would ever forget
The memories we shared
And the promises we kept.

Now I know what it all meant.
How can I forget any of it?
If only you would have lived longer
Even for just a little bit.

Now, I stand here, confused,
As I read your last letter,
Trying to understand those three words,
Wanting to call you a liar.

Now that you told me you loved me,
How can I keep living without regrets?
You truly were selfish, and beautiful.
Yet I am so glad that we met.

Perhaps, you were too precious
Like a petal in spring drifting in the wind.
You were gone as soon as you appeared,
And simply could not be held back


contre jour,

Literary: The Pleasure of Solitude on the Night of Valentine's Day

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Sneaker soles padding on a sidewalk.

Aching feet
            (a likeness of the soul)
Dim streetlamps the sole witness.

Two eyes
            Regard the heavens;
A deep inhale disturbs the air.

The eyes
            Regard no longer;
A cloud forms upon the lips.

That breath
            A realisation

The soul becomes by melancholy unbound

For it is reminded:

What could’ve been should not taint
What is:

A hair-tie
            Worn upon the wrist
            A reminder that
            There is someone
A new one
            A person present
            A person who cares;

Ticket stubs
            In a pocket
            A reminder that
            There are good times
Recent ones
            Evenings with people
            Who made time to be present;

Arcade tokens
            In a jar
            A reiteration that
            There is someone
Valueless coins
            From a person of value
            From a person who values;

ID cards
            On a lace
            A reiteration that
            There are good times
Plastic and paper
            From various activities
            O’er which toil is well-spent

A deep sigh
            A cloud upon the lips

The soul no longer aches.