Literary: What Could Have Been

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"No one knows
What he could have been"

Left by his dad for reasons unknown
Bounced around home to home
Never had a family to call his own
Skinny and weak to the bone

He was differently wired
Defiant toward authority, never listened
Always had a bad day at school
Always made fun of
Told he was not good enough
Went home walking
While crying and sobbing
This happened daily
Until he was

About to jump off a building
To finally end the suffering
The end was near
Yet he hesitated for he felt fear
And still he jumped to his death

As he fell toward the ground
He heard no sound
As everything got slower
He began to ponder
On the life he lived
And life he would have had

He suddenly had foresight
He saw the future clearly
And he saw himself in glory
Triumphant, standing boldly
On the mountain
Looking down at the valley
He had to go through

For the pain and suffering
He felt at present
Will no longer be there

It was the longest and happiest
8 seconds of his life

As he was falling
He felt light
He saw the light
And his reflection
As the ground became more visible
He wished he was invincible
He realized it was not the time
Yet it was a little too late
As he took his last breath
And nobody witnessed
That the world lost
Someone great

"Everyone and every life is special
Nobody should be taken for granted
You have gifts that others don't
The people around you
Would love you to be there and live
Even if you don't
So don't deprive them of the chance
To see you grow and be happy"

"Each one has a legacy to leave
So live life to the fullest
Before you leave the world
Instead of regretting
And wondering
what could have been”

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