Literary: Remember Me

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What is a legacy?
A legacy is something people will remember you for.
When they hear your name, the first thing that pops into their head is your legacy.

When I hear my grandmother’s name,
I think of how successful she was as an attorney,
I think of how happy she was being single her whole life,
And I think of how caring she was to my family.

When I hear my mentor’s name,
I think of our many heart-to-heart conversations,
I think of how kind her heart is,
And I think of who I am today because of her.

When I hear my best friend’s name,
I think of all our adventures together,
I think of our dreams together,
And I think of how she has always been by my side.

When I hear my lover’s name,
I think of—
No one, I don’t have one.
But I still think that that person will come in the right time.

When I hear the name Fred Perry,
What do I think of?
I think of who I was when I gave myself this pen name,
Then I think of how far I’ve come.
I think of the person who inspired my pen name,
Then I think about how much happier we are as friends.
I think of the clothing brand from which I got the name from,
And how I haven’t been sued because of literally copying their name.

In all honesty, I have no idea of what will pop in people’s heads when they hear my name.
All I know is that I’ve done a lot of things that people may or may not remember.
I just hope that I won’t be forgotten.

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