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Students unravel truths in CA EMA Week 2017

12/11/2017 08:04:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Together with the Department of Communication Arts English, Music, and the Arts (CA EMA) students found light in the dark with this year’s CA EMA Week dubbed Silhouettes: Truths in the Shadows, held last November 21 - December 1.

The celebration began with the most-awaited Culminating Music Program where students performed various music styles they learned in music class. 7-Saturn, 8-Firefly, and 9-Xenon bagged first place in their respective grade levels.

As part of the event, representatives from each section competed in a spelling bee where Jamie Parungao (Grade 7), John Benjamin Diaz (Grade 8), Isa Isip (Grade 9), and Simon Valenzuela (Grade 10) were declared winners.

Students and teachers also took part in the traditional costume event, Literally Literary Day last November 23. This year, the department held a Costume Contest whose winners in the individual and group categories will be announced next year, January 2018.

THE HEATHERS’ PITCH. Grade 9 students Yanni Kessel, Jana Garcia, Megan Basillio, Arianne Puno, and Gaby Cabalu (L-R) dress up as characters of the Heathers: The Musical and pose for the group category of the LLD Costume Contest. Photo Credit: Kitkat Cuerdo

Grade 12 students from the Instrumental Music class also held their recital during the week, and the Media Center (MC) 2019 staff conducted their #MCLive Culminating Activity which also served as a tribute and turnover Ceremony for MC 2018, the school paper’s editorial staff since 2015.

To close the event, the department also hosted the 10th year of Rhyme, Rhythm, and Reason (RRR) with the theme inTENse: Songs of the Decades. This year’s RRR was held in cooperation with the UPIS Faculty Club on December 8 during the annual Thanksgiving Party of the Faculty and Staff. //by Cedric Jacobo and Marianne Sasing

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