Literary: You

11/10/2017 08:56:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

I have always remembered the details.
The little things.

I remember the white clouds on the day we met,
Unevenly scattered on the crystal blue sky.
The navy checkered shirt you wore last month,
Wrinkled, unironed, but still presentable.
The squiggly patterns you drew on random paper
Whenever you got bored.
And the time you’d get home every single night
After a long day- exactly 8:21 PM.

I know how many teaspoons of sugar you put in your coffee,
How many right turns it takes to get to your house,
And the smiley faces you put at the end of your good nights.

I remember the rays of bright yellow
coming from the sun, and landing on your face.
Three moles at the back of your ankle
Spaced evenly apart, forming a triangle.
Brown strands of hair that sit perfectly tangled
Effortless, yet undeniably charming.
And wrinkles that form beside your eyes
Up to your temples, when you laugh.

These things, I will always remember.
These things, I will always know.
For I have loved every single moment
Every single pattern
And everything else in between
That makes you, you.

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