Literary: Sunset

11/29/2017 09:00:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

5:24 pm
We were lilacs and tangerines
In a perfectly painted sunset sky
Luck must have worked its magic when
Two shades at far ends of the color wheel
Met to parade their otherworldly glow
Each time the sun begins to slow

11:11 pm
The overcast inches hastily
Turning the warmth of the afternoon
To bleakness of the gloaming
What once were lilacs and tangerines,
Now tenebrous hues of blue
And to plead was all I could do

2:00 am
The moment our blues turned to blacks
Is when I knew we’ve lost to luck
Luck’s a filthy foe for chancing upon us
At sunset
Which lasts but a few minutes
But burns everything with it in its hellish glow

5:55 am
Till cockcrow I tend to the burns
From the radiance
We thought as serendipity
Still I ponder,
Was the sunset our destiny
Or a sign of how we are not meant to be?

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