Literary: Promises to Keep

11/29/2017 08:47:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

You promised her so many things.

The Seas
You promised her its vast, deep blue
The ever shifting surface
And the endlessness it imbues

The World
You promised everything you’ve seen
The late night drives, the travelogues
The places where you’ve been

The Stars
You promised her the moon, galaxies, and all
You wanted to show how much you’ll give
Just to make her fall

Your Time
You promised her all your minutes, all the hours of the day
You said you’d spend them together
Come what may

Your Love
You promised her your love and to love only her
You vowed to give a love so pure
Through vast seas, wide worlds, through time, it will endure

But can you keep your promises?

In the end, you should know,
Promises are not dreams you wish to come true
They are true things
You wish to give to someone you value

A promise should be made
Not with the things you wish you had
If you promise her everything,
Then promise her what you have

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