Literary: Patterns of You

11/10/2017 08:30:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

You are my constellations
You reach the farthest lengths
And do it with astounding ease
You connect what once were distant dots
And create meaning and imagery and greatness
I was lucky enough to witness your magnificence

You are the lines on my paper
Ruling my words
Precise and measured
Careful and cautious not to overstep
Binding me, controlling me
Warning me of dangers of going beyond
But still, I tread on

You are the grooves on my vinyl record
Playing my favorite song every day
Your stories of pure humanity
And undull representations of life
Your tune is unwavering and never unnerving
I succumb to your voice each time

You are the circles under my eyes
The midnights of secrecy and untellable tales on the phone
Your quiet whispers for we should not be found
Your breath as if right by my ear
Nobody knows of the universe we built on our own

You are the waves on the ocean
Lifting me up and pulling me under
Drowning me in silent surrender
Filling my lungs with heavy feeling
And making my eyes redder with every blink

You are my world and beyond
You give my life constant meaning
You keep me continuously breathing
You are everywhere
Intertwined in my life as if it were yours
You have defined every aspect of it and I do not regret it one bit

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