Literary: Not All Bad

11/10/2017 08:39:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

A child’s eyes always see
How others move and act
And he moves, he acts
According to what he observes

A child’s ears always hear
“Always be kind and nice”
And he tries, he does
Even though the world can be cruel

A child’s nose always smells
The horrible, unpleasant odors
He ignores, he doesn’t notice
The good ones that he inhales

A child’s tongue always tastes
The badly cooked ones
He complains, he tries to fix them
But he forgets to praise the delicious ones

A child’s hands always do
What he was taught was right
He does good things, and when he does
The world is surprised

And it’s sad to think
There is bad all around
And the good is put aside
When it rises, it’s only then we see
That goodness still exists

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