Literary: Designs

11/10/2017 09:05:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

I am a circle
Round shaped without corners
I repeat myself over and over again
A circle like the wheels on your car
That helps you get to different places
A circle like the clock on your wall
That helps you keep track of time
I am a circle

I am a square
I’m even on four sides
I have four corners- and all of them are right
A square like the shape of a box
Where you put your stuff for safe keeping
Like a rubik’s cube
That keeps you entertained
I am a square

I am a line
I could be any length or size
I’m always straight – that’s why I’m a line
A line on the road
That always keeps you on track
A line on a notebook
That keeps you from going astray
I am a line

I am a lot of other shapes
Beautiful shapes with different uses
Each of them creating different designs
Models that create me as a person

Every person in this world represents different shapes
Different sizes
And even different colors
Making them more attractive
All of our patterns create one big design
Filling the world with beautiful art

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