Literary: The Ballad of Change

11/29/2017 08:09:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Once I was but a mess
A dissonance of angry melodies
With my head held high
I sang a solo piece
Of lines filled with pride

I pretended I was fine
Claiming anything I wanted mine
Until you came along:
A favorite song
I was never meant to sing

You changed me.

I had a taste of truth
So I did everything to keep you
I let myself know defeat
Familiarized myself with its beat
And wrote a song from it

To you, I sang my heart out
It was an offering,
Gratitude for what you've done:
You changed me to your only one

You changed.

You tried in all earnest to reach me
But only to reach, and never to keep me
You left and it became a habit
Though I always told you not to try it
It became a song you could not help but sing

The only thing that's constant
Is change, as people say
But I pray, that though we may change
We will always go back
To the songs we used to sing
But until then, I will wait,
Singing the only song I know now:


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