Literary: A Single Smile

10/27/2017 08:55:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

A day can go from bad to worse,
Can make you feel unlucky to cursed.
Can get you down and cause a frown,
Or simply leave you bound to ground.

But at times like this I have noticed,
Something like a hypothesis
Even if you’re blue for a while
No day ends without a single smile.

It can be a from any moment,
That may have made you grin,
A tiny titter from a win,
A shy giggle from a mishap,
A loud laugh you just can’t stop.
A silly joke that made you chuckle,
Or from someone’s funny chortle.

If in the end of the day you still feel bad
Just count the beaming moments you had.
And remember all the reasons why
It gave you that single smile.

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