Feature: To Our One and Only…

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To our one and only Mama T!

Ang sulat po na ito ay para sa inyo, para sa aming pinakamamahal na guro, dahil alam naming magreretiro na kayo ngayong taon at ayaw po naming palampasin ito nang hindi kami nakakapagpasalamat sa inyo! 

Maraming salamat po sa tatlumpu’t tatlong taong serbisyo. Sa tagal po ninyo rito sa UPIS, hindi namin malilimutan ang lahat ng itinuro ninyo sa amin, hindi lamang ang iba’t ibang teorya sa panitikan kundi pati na rin sa mga asal at pag-uugaling kakailanganin namin sa hinaharap.

Mamimiss po namin ang pagbati ninyo tuwing umaga sa klase ng alas-siyete, kahit iilan lamang kaming umaabot sa pagbating iyon. O ang iyong mga pa-review bago magsimula ang pagsusulit para sa mga estudyanteng hindi nakikinig. Maging ang pagpapatawad mo sa mga dinalaw ng pagod at piniling mag-siesta sa klase mo. Ayan tuloy, hindi nila narinig ang malambing ninyong boses tuwing nagtuturo po kayo. Maraming maraaaming salamat po sa mahabang pasensya at pagsususumikap na turuan pa rin kami sa kabila ng aming mga kalokohan at kakulitan.

Mamimiss po naming kulitin kayo sa inyong table sa department tungkol sa requirements na hindi namin nailista kaya paulit-ulit po naming naitatanong ang mga ito sa inyo. Maraming salamat po dahil kailanma’y hindi kayo nagsawang sagutin ang mga tanong namin at ipaliwanag sa amin ang mga dapat naming gawin.

Kayo po ang nagturo sa amin, ayon na rin sa teoryang Realismo na minsan ang buhay talaga ay mahirap ngunit sa pagpapatuloy nito ay pwede kaming magbago at magkaroon ng isang magandang wakas. Hindi po namin kalilimutan ang mga pag-aaral sa teoryang pampanitikan, Noli Me Tangere, El Filibusterismo, at pagtatalumpati na kayo po ang nagturo sa amin. Maaaring nagrereklamo ang karamihan sa amin noon, ngunit ngayon ay natanto na namin ang halaga ng mga pinapagawa ninyo. Ginabayan niyo po kami hindi lamang sa klase sa Filipino kundi sa pagiging malikhain, pagiging mapamaraan, pagiging masipag, pagbuo ng de kalidad na trabaho, at pagkakaroon ng time management skills na siguradong makakatulong sa amin sa hinaharap.

Marami po kaming bagay na mamimiss tungkol sa inyo Mama T, pero higit sa lahat, mamimiss po namin kayooo! Mamimiss po namin ang pagiging mabuting nanay ninyo sa amin! Mamimiss po naming maging mga anak/apo ninyo. Mama T, asahan po ninyong lalo pa naming pagbubutihin ngayon at sa hinaharap. Sana po bumisita kayo sa school dahil hindi po namin makakalimutan ang lahat ng itinuro ninyo sa amin, at wala rin pong makakapalit sa inyo sa aming mga puso! :)

Inyo pong i-enjoy ang inyong retirement at ang isang mahaba at masayang pahingang deserve na deserve ninyo! We love you Ma’am Tengson! 

Inyong mga anak 

//nina Fiel Delos Reyes at Marianne Sasing 



Feature: 5 Indie OPM Artists to Bless Your Ears

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Indie OPM is definitely coming into its own name in the local music scene. Gigs have been popping up everywhere in Metro Manila and attendees have been jamming out to these new tunes. There’s something different about these bands that just gets their listeners hooked to their songs. It may be the complex, deep, and modern lyrics or the composition and melody of each number, but either way, they’re loved by many.

Want to get into today’s OPM but don’t know where to start? Here are five bands and artists that are sure to have you playing their songs on repeat:

Shirebound and Busking
SIT DOWN, LISTEN. Shirebound and Busking in his music video for Waltz of Four Left Feet at the Vargas Museum in UP Diliman. Photo Credit: IDIOTERNE, INC. Ph
Iego Tan, a singer-songwriter from UP Diliman is the man behind Shirebound and Busking. His songs are usually about what love feels like from afar. They’re the type you’d want to listen to when you want to think about your relationships. His music would be something you’d tune in to when you want to relax and calm your soul. It’s also great for bawling your eyes out for when you relate to his lyrics on a whole different level.

His songs “Lloydy” and “Pahintulot” were featured in JP Habac’s indie film I’m Drunk, I Love You which came out February this year.

Listen to Shirebound and Busking on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/shireboundbusker

Reese Lansangan

FRESH. Twenty six-year-old singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan poses with merch from her latest album Of Sound Mind & Memory. Photo Credit: Reese Lansangan

Reese Lansangan is obsessed with Japan and proper grammar. She’s mostly known for her music but she also dabbles in graphic and fashion design. She expresses herself through her songs along with her wit, humor, and signature vocals. Her songs revolve around topics ranging from silly internet things to deep reflections on life.

She definitely loves writing about outer space. Just listen to A Song about Space from her Arigato, Internet! album and you’ll see, or rather, hear. This has gotten her to places like Singapore where she landed a commercial for Hewlett-Packard Asia. She’s been awarded for her artistic works in the fields of music, fashion, writing, and graphic design. Her song “Exploration No. 5” was featured on a commercial for Sky Cable and was the opening track for the local movie Camp Sawi.

Listen to Reese Lansangan on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2JI8ViuZDBybY6Xd9ujUrb

She’s Only Sixteen

FOOD AND TUNES. The indie alternative band She’s Only Sixteen performs a set at Aida’s Chicken in Makati Cinema Square. Photo Credits: Toia Avenido

She’s Only Sixteen’s sound has a carefree vibe that just makes you want to bob your head or tap your foot to every beat. Their sound is definitely something to look forward to when you’re just getting into indie OPM as their style is a blend of different genres. It’s also perfect for a night out with friends in a music bar because their jams are best matched with good company and tasty drinks.

The four-man band consisting of Roberto Seña (vocals and guitars), King Puentespina (drums), Andrew Panopio (guitars), and Anjo Silvoza (bass) has undoubtly come a long way since they started jamming during their time in Ateneo de Manila High School. Inspired by bands such as The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Radio Head, Sponge Cola, and UDD, they’ve learned how to not just play their instruments using their own style, but how to bring that all together to create harmony.

Listen to She’s Only Sixteen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4DJxOnO0aWZgdDYFVDyoKs


ROYALTY. King Puentespina takes the CRWN in the Filipino indie electronic music scene. Photo Credit: CRWN

King Puentespina isn’t just the drummer of She’s Only Sixteen but is also a producer and a DJ. If you’re in the mood to listen to a bit of lo-fi hiphop then CRWN’s got you covered. His tunes aren’t like many DJs in the music world who produce dance floor anthems but are something for chill nights and mild early mornings.

CRWN, pronounced as ‘crown’, is a play on the Atenean-turned-LaSallian’s name. Despite his band making music on the other side of the musical spectrum, CRWN enjoys both genres equally. He started CRWN as a personal project because it was his hobby and he wanted to practice making electronic music. People began enjoying what he made and now it resonates throughout the music scene.

Listen to CRWN on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6Z7JSzWmroQi34J1yz833c


MUSIC AND FASHION. Indie band Ben&Ben in their campaign for H&M Loves Music: Unplugged Sessions. Photo Credit: H&M

This band provides melodies that can either heal or break your heart. What differentiates Ben&Ben from other bands is that they integrate elements of Philippine folk music into their songs but they still have that pop feel to it. Their music is perfect for long drives or for nights where you share stories with your friends. They not only delight your ears, but they give your eyes a visual treat as well, since their album art adds extra flair to their work.

Ben&Ben was formed by twins and singer-songwriter duo Pao Gueco and Migs Gueco in 2015. It was only this year that they became an actual band along with the other members. Aside from the twins, Poch Barretto on electric guitar, Agnes Reoma on bass, Jam Villanueva on drums, Patricia Lasaten on keyboard, Keifer Cabugao on violin, Toni Muñoz and Andrew de Pano on percussion make up the band. They’ve performed in major gigs, different university events, and various music festivals and have represented the Philippines in Music Matters 2017, an independent music festival held in Singapore last September.

Listen to Ben&Ben on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4DAcJXcjX0zlQAZAPAx4Zb

There are many more indie OPM artists and bands out there creating different flavors for different tastes, waiting to be discovered. But for now, you can start creating your playlist from these artists and discover more as you go along! //Paola Pagulayan


aldous dela pena,

Feature: Devour: A Gallery Walk through Man’s Avarice

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To eat greedily is to devour.

Katti Sta. Ana, through her ceramics and stone wares, illustrated how people consume flora and fauna, in her exhibit fittingly entitled “Devour.” She highlighted humanity’s relationship to flora and fauna, especially man’s greed, and eventually, abuse. She emphasized that these will lead to the diminishing number of flora and fauna, specifically in the Philippines.

SENOR KALAW. This sculpture of a Kalaw, an endangered species of a bird that can be found in the Philippines that symbolizes him as a hunter’s prize, is found on the 2nd floor landing of the UP Vargas Museum. Photo credit: Rachel Siringan
In the beginning of the gallery, an unglazed stone sculpture stands atop two stacked metal cages. The stone sculpture shows a kalaw wearing a business suit and a watch. The kalaw, an endangered species of forest-dwelling birds in the Philippines, is said to be a natural timekeeper of the farmers, as associated with the wrist watch on the sculpture. Due to deforestation and hunting, their numbers have diminished. The metal cages and the sculptures’ position relative to the cages symbolize how kalaws are hunted to be prized possessions, as well as a source of income. The metal cages can also be seen as an image of a skyscraper that symbolizes modernization and leads to deforestation in many parts of the country. The human phallus suggests a kalaw owner’s pride. The kalaw’s business attire also signifies how they are servants to businessmen.

MAN’S BEST FRIEND. Sculptures of three dogs in different positions show their different emotions towards each of their situations. Photo Credit: Hazel Romero

As you enter the second floor, you will be greeted with sculptures of three dogs in varying positions. One of the dogs lies on its back, waiting for someone to scratch its belly. This exemplifies a dog’s role as a pet and a family member in a household. Another dog is poised for an attack which indicates its role as a guard in Filipino homes. The last and most disturbing dog hangs on the wall like meat seen in markets. This hints on dog-eating culture in some parts of the Philippines and the festival in China called the Yulin festival where thousands of kidnapped, stolen, and captured dogs are eaten.

BON APPETIT. A dining set includes three different chairs and a glass table that exhibits “live” fish on the table similar to those in Chinese restaurants. Photo Credit: Hazel Romero

To the left of the second floor, you will find a simple dining set with a table and three chairs. Looking closely at the table, you will find ceramic fishes trapped in a maze-like aquarium. This artwork brings to life the atmosphere in a Chinese restaurant where diners can pick live fish to be cooked and served to their tables. This exposes the poisonous cyanide fishing technique used to catch these fishes alive, which causes a decrease in the population of fishes and the destruction of corals. The aquarium symbolizes a human’s small intestines where digested fish go through. Not only does it mirror the danger caused by cyanide fishing, but also the slavery that aquatic animals experience in the hands of humans.

Paintings and photographs of farm animals from Jorge B. Vargas’ collection hang as you stroll around the hall. This gives the feeling of being surrounded by animals and flowers used only for human consumption. Aside from being used as sources of food, farm animals, like chickens, pigs, and horses, also serve different purposes. Chickens are used for cockfights and horses are used in kalesas. This symbolizes the use of animals as mere objects for mankind’s convenience.

Lastly, as you enter the room at the end of the hall, you will feel intimidated by the peculiarity of Queen Devour, a life-sized sculpture sitting at the end of the room. She is made of ceramic and crowned with a reptile. She sits blankly on her throne surrounded by leaves. Her upper body is covered with roots and her skirt is made of peacock feathers. Upon her feet lies a dead sow. As you walk through the room, you will see her collection of elegant lady slippers. By looking closely, you will be able to observe ceramic orchids of different species in the form of slippers.

THE QUEEN. A life-sized sculpture of a “Royal Highness” made out of a ceramic that represents an avaricious queen. Photo Credit: Hazel Romero

Queen Devour is a representation of Imelda Marcos as implied by the collection of shoes. It vivifies how humans get a hold of flora and fauna to use as commodities. Soon, these species become endangered due to the exploitation of their commercial value.

These artworks do not have mere aesthetic value but also feed our minds with knowledge. They also serve as an advocacy or visual representation of what is happening around us. Aside from appreciating these works, let us never forget the message behind it.

Katti Sta. Ana’s Devour ran from November 3 to December 1, 2017 at the 3rd floor of the UP Vargas Museum.

Visit the UP Vargas Museum for future exhibits. //Aldous dela Pena, LM Gacad, Zach Jugo, Hazel Romero, Rachel Siringan


Feature: A Different Perspective

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Growing up, most of us don’t have to worry about basic necessities like food, water, and electricity because we get them without any difficulty. When our class visited the community of Kaingin 1, Baranggay Pansol as part of the immersion component of our Community Development course last November 25, 2017 I realized that this was not the reality that all of us faced.

WIDE SMILES. Before leaving, my classmates and I pose with our nanays for the day at the basketball court in Kaingin 1, Barangay Pansol. Photo Credit: Brenson Andres.
As the area was quite congested, we had to walk towards the hall for the orientation. At around 8 in the morning, we were traversing the muddy and uneven pathway to the destination. The drizzle and the heavy goods we were carrying made it harder to go up but we persevered since we know there were people waiting for us.

Our destination was a community learning center or daycare furnished with a bookshelf, plastic chairs, and tables. Once we were gathered inside, some members of the Kaisahang Ugnayan ng Mamamayan (KUM) introduced themselves, telling us how many children they have, where in the area they lived, and even jokingly mentioned how many husbands they had. We were then divided into smaller groups to be deployed to each of the members’ houses. As we strolled around, we observed their way of living and I had a few observations along the way.

There were animal feces and pieces of trash littered on the ground. There were flies swarming in some areas. Some of the houses were made of makeshift materials and were the size of a bathroom. A little boy with a dirty face went out of the house and stomped in a muddy puddle, unaware of the consequences of his actions.

When my partner and I were finally received by our host family, we were met with hospitality. While waiting for our “nanay” for the day, Nanay Mau, the KUM leader, we had a good chat with their 21-year old son. He mentioned that he recently stopped going to school because they had no more money to support his education.

While we were exchanging stories, the electricity went off and it was then that we found out that not everyone in the community has access to electricity.

His brother then shared that there are times that they eat “adobo” for lunch, a euphemism for using oil or soy sauce as a viand to eat with rice.

They also shared that whenever students from different schools stay with them, the students are enthusiastic in doing house chores like cooking and cleaning because they never get to do this in their own homes. There are even times that students cry at the end of the day because it was the only time they felt that they had a “nanay”.

For our late lunch, our host family made scrambled eggs and heated a can of sardines. My partner and I decided to contribute so we bought two cans of tuna, two sachets of iced tea, and ice from the sari-sari store. While eating, I noticed that they did not eat the tuna and I think they thought it was only for me and my partner, so I offered them some. After eating, we brought the dishes back to the basin which functioned as a sink.

Around 3PM, everybody gathered at the community learning center where Nanay Mau announced that we will be sharing our experiences with each other. She picked one of us and asked him, “Sinong nanay mo?” referring to the “nanay” that adopted him in the community. He then answered the real name of his mom. We laughed at this, and it was a good start.

A lot of us were able to bond with our host families thru playing with the kids. A few of my classmates had little kids with them in the gathering. The little kids were either holding hands with them or being carried. One classmate even said, “Nakangiti ako buong araw”, and the whole class went “aaawww” upon hearing this. Other stories included little kids saying that my fellow students looked like local teen celebrities, telling them that, “Kuya kamukha niyo sina James Reid at Daniel Padilla.”

Another experience was cooking for lunch. There were some who cooked lunch themselves and prepared vegetables, giniling, and more. But most of the nanays made lunch for them like tinola and squid while some just bought from the nearby carinderias. Several of us also contributed to doing household chores like folding clothes and setting the table. All of us shared happy stories and experiences with our host families and learned more about their situations like the lack of water and electricity supply, financial problems, family problems, and more.

FAMILY. My partner and I learned so much from Nanay Mau (second from the left), the leader of KUM, and her son (rightmost). Photo Credit: Carlos Laderas
Yes, we grew up not having to worry about the bare necessities, but it doesn’t mean we will not worry about those who do. We ended the day with a group picture and saying our thanks and farewells to each other for that short, memorable day. We parted ways with lessons learned, knowledge gained, stories earned, and wide smiles from such a heart-warming experience. //by Layla Wadi



News Feature: #Gradu18: UPIS Batch 2018 holds first ever Internship Culminating Activity

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After surviving around three months of working on shifts and learning new things in their respective on-campus internship sites, this school year’s Grade 12 students have finally completed the hours needed for their first semester internship inside the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) campus.

To give them a preview of what it is like in the world of work, the students were deployed to different colleges, institutions, and offices according to their chosen academic track. Those from the Applied Sciences and Engineering track were assigned to the College of Architecture, University Health Service, Interactive Learning Center - Diliman, Marine Science Institute, and the Institute of Civil Engineering.

On the other hand, students from the Business and Entrepreneurship track were assigned to the UP Balay Kalinaw, University Food Service (UFS), University Hotel, College of Home Economics, and UP Bahay ng Alumni.

Lastly, students from the Social Sciences and Humanities track served their internship hours at the Diliman Information Office, College of Mass Communication, College of Arts and Letters, College of Social Work and Community Development, and the Sentro ng Wikang Filipino.

The interns courageously faced a variety of tasks and challenges presented by these 15 work sites. As a venue for sharing each other’s experiences, each track held a culminating activity for their Grade 11 counterparts on December 11.

The group of interns per internship site prepared a 3-5 minute presentation about the jobs they were given, challenges they faced, and people they worked with the purpose of providing the Grade 11 students an idea of what to expect when it is their turn to do the internship.

As an opportunity for them to share their stories and personal experiences from the first ever on-campus internship in the history of UPIS, they talked about what have learned as interns and gave the next batch a brief background on the jobs that they will most likely encounter. Hopefully, this will serve as a guide to help students from the lower batch in picking the internship site they will eventually apply for next year.

There isn’t one definite description to depict the seniors’ emotions, expectations, and testimonies concerning this event.
“Kabado kasi since batch natin ang pinaka-unang mag-oorganize ng ganitong activity, hope kong may makuhang wisdom ang susunod na batch sa ibabahagi nating mga experience galing sa internship at makatulong ito sa pagpili nila ng kanilang site,” said Stephen Sanchez from the Applied Sciences and Engineering track when asked about his feelings towards the event.

Kate Marcelino from the Business and Entrepreneurship track added, “Excited ako na mag-share ng experiences ko tapos sana makatulong ito sa performance ng mga susunod na batch sa darating na internship nila.”

“Masaya yung naging experience ko sa UFS. Sana nga maraming mag-intern dito next year. Pero isa lang advice ko sa mga mapupunta dito: matuto kayong makisama”, said Aichel Crisostomo, also from the Business and Entrepreneurship track, giving us her own little preview of what she shared during the culminating activity.

Although other high school students have yet to experience the internship seminar, and the whole internship deployment at that, they will eventually take up this challenge. So in the next one, two, or three more years, the Grade 12 students hope that the lessons they have shared will not be forgotten. //Jo-ev Guevarra



Ask.MC: Tatak UPIS!

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Matatapos na ang isang semester ng pagsisikap ng mga mag-aaral at gurong UPIS. Para sa seniors, napakabilis lamang ang takbo ng oras at isang semester na lamang ay makakamit na nila ang Pagtatapos, sila ay graduweyt na! Para naman sa“freshies”, nagsisimula pa lamang ang kanilang paglalakbay. Para naman sa mga guro, ang lahat ng ito ay tila isang walang katapusang siklo hanggang sa mamalayan na lang nilang napakarami nang estudyanteng dumaan at nagging bahagi ng kanilang mga buhay. Ang bawat isa sa atin ay may nakatakdang panahon ng pananatili sa UPIS at tiyak ang bawat isa’y maalala sa iba’t ibang paraan sa paglipas ng panahon.

Ang mga salitang “pag-alis,” “paglisan,” o “katapusan” ay hindi kailangang palaging malungkot. Ika nga nila, ang bawat katapusan ay hudyat ng bagong simula, ang mga estudyante at guro ng UPIS ay nagnanais na mag-iwan ng isang magandang imahe na maaaring tularan ng mga susunod pang henerasyon. //by Jaja Ledesma


jaggie gregorio,

Sports: UPIS Volleyball Teams gain UAAP S80 respect until final games

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The University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS) Volleyball Teams ended their University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 80 campaign with battles well fought last November 12 and 15, 2017 at the FilOil Flying V Centre.

In a hard-fought final game against the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) Blue Eaglets, it was a close call for the UPIS Boys Volleyball Team (UPISBVT). Seniors Carlos Laderas and Brian Gabriel showed the true heart of a maroon until the final rally of their final high school UAAP match.

The first set was tough as the boys in maroon were up 22-20 right until they made errors and ended up losing the set. Unable to bounce back, they finished set number 2 with a 25-13 card, but as soon as they realized that their final set was on the line, Samuel Silvestre stepped up his game, leading the team’s attack. Despite their efforts, they dropped the third set, 25-18, and the match.

“Proud pa rin ako sa nilaro namin kasi sobra yung improvements namin kung icocompare last season,” Spiker-turned-libero Laderas shared his sentiments. “Naniniwala ako na they will come back stronger next season kasi mas nabubuo na kami ngayon,” he added.

The boys will be starting their off-season preparations by joining Toby's Juniors' Volleyball League and the Diliman Games.

On the other hand, the UPIS Girls Volleyball Team showed their true spirit in their last match against De La Salle Zobel (DLSZ). The girls were known for their defense all season long and it was still evident in their final game of season 80. They may have lost the fight but they surely got the respect they wanted.

It was an emotional exit for the two graduating senior liberos Angelica Jota and Rina Castro as they made sure to leave a mark on their younger teammates.

“Wag mawawalan ng tiwala at pag-asa tsaka wag susukuan ang volleyball,” Castro said, when asked to give a message to her teammates. “Ituloy niyo lang ang paglaban, makakamit din natin ang panalo,” Jota added.

UPISGVT will start preparing for UAAP season 81 as early as now. They competed in the Smart City Spike last December 2 and will also be joining the SME cup this December to gain more experience.

Both the UPISBVT and GVT surely learned a lot this season and they may not have brought home the bacon this season but they definitely showed what the hearts of true Fighting Maroons are made of. // by Jaggie Gregorio


Sports News Bites (November 26 – December 11)

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It has been a great past few months for sports in the University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS). Game-winning threes, chipped medals, and winning streaks are the top moments in the last two action-packed weeks for our Junior Maroons.

For three!
With less than 10 seconds on the clock, Jacob Estrera of the UPIS Junior Maroons Basketball Team shot a cold-blooded dagger three that left little time for the UE Junior Warriors to seal the win in a neck-and-neck game.

A Bronze medal
Winter Quiambao bagged a bronze medal in the 2000m steeplechase event youth division of the Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association Weekly Relay last December 9, 2017, at the PhilSports Complex. Josh Sabido, Mev Abac, and Lans Lubang also participated in the said competition.

Leading the competition
The UPIS Girls’ Volleyball Team currently carries a 3-1 win-loss record in the Saint Marie Eugene (SME) Cup under 18 tournament.

In the hunt for fighters
The UPIS Taekwondo Team is inviting students to try-out for their team. They are looking to discover new talents that will help them in future tournaments and competitions.

On-going Battles
The UPIS Junior Maroons Basketball Team is on the hunt for their second win in the University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 80 as they are about to test the National University (NU) Bullpups this Saturday December 16 at the FilOil Flying V Centre. //by Nathan Ramos and Blade Saliva


em gacad,

Opinion: Why Filipinos are Fascinated with Beauty Pageants

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On December 20, 2015, 42 years after the last time a Filipina ever won the title, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach brought home the Miss Universe crown to the Philippines. This moment brought a lot of joy and pride to the Filipino people, so much so that when she returned to the country she received a hero’s welcome. Since winning, Wurtzbach has been a steady figure in mainstream media has received strong support from the Filipinos.

Two years before that, Megan Young became the first ever Filipina to win the title of Miss World. She was also well received by the Filipino communities all over the world. Bringing home honor to the Philippines has always been an easy token for one to win the hearts of her fellow countrymen.

Just recently, Rachel Peters joined the Miss Universe pageant to represent our country. As expected, she received a great deal of attention. However, this attention was then directed to the statements she gave regarding her political views. This led to a negative response from many especially on social media. Not unlike Peters’ experience, Maxine Medina, as Miss Universe Philippines 2016 was heavily criticized for her apparent poor communication skills, especially in the English language.

It all seemed as if it was a huge deal at the time because to the viewers and supporters, a candidate must be as close to perfect as possible. As shown in the previous examples, when the Philippines wins in any international beauty pageant, it’s greeted with great astonishment and happiness. Yet, when one sees a flaw in someone they thought was flawless, and since normally there isn’t any sort of obligation between the audience and the beauty queens, it’s easy for one to withdraw his/her support.

Filipinos have always had a strong affinity for beauty pageants. This can be seen not only in the overwhelming encouragement and assistance given to representatives of the country in international competitions, but in local pageants as well. It’s not only about Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss World, or Miss Universe; it’s also about local beauty pageants, such as Ms. Gay Philippines or other barangay competitions. Almost every barangay in the country has hosted their own beauty pageant, for all kinds of people.

According to University of the Philippines Diliman Professor Wendell Capili, the appeal of beauty pageants to the Filipinos stems from Philippine carnivals hosted by the Americans in the 1900s. These carnivals were made to promote the products from different regions of the country. There would also be a Carnival Queen, and this simple event in which people voted for eventually grew popular. You can observe its immense impact on the people today, with the overwhelming amount of various beauty competitions in the country.

There are even boot camps for beauty queens such as Aces & Queens and Kagandahang Flores. These are groups of people dedicated to mentoring those aspiring for the pageant crowns. Some of the mentors do not even charge for their services, they are just that devoted to making sure a Filipina gets on the pageant stage and bags that crown.

Maybe the greater reason why Filipinos are fond of beauty pageants is because they also take pride in the victory of the candidate. Even if they are not related to the candidate, it seems as if they are also the ones who won. To some, the crown isn’t just an object worn on the winner’s head, but a symbol of victory for everyone involved. It could be for the family, for the barangay, for the region, or even for the whole nation, as in international competitions the representative competes for the country.

Supporting Filipino candidates in beauty pageants locally or internationally is a good thing because it shows how supportive people can be and how in some ways, people can form friendships with others through a unifying goal. However, sometimes the enthusiasm may go overboard, as can be seen in what happened to the previous Miss Universe delegates. There’s no reason for one to go to the point of despising a candidate because she can’t speak English properly, or that she had opposing political views. It’s alright for one to have contradicting views; shout out your opinion, that’s fine. Yet perhaps one should try to understand them a little more; they are representing the nation for us. They’re the ones taking all the pressure and the heat of the competition while everybody else sits on their couch and watches. //by Em Gacad and Hillary Fajutagana


aldous dela pena,

Opinion: Bye-bye Net Neutrality, Bye-bye Internet Freedom

12/11/2017 08:33:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

December 14, 2017 marks the day when the fate of the internet will be determined. This is when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States of America (USA) will vote regarding the repeal of net neutrality. President Donald Trump’s FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, is advocating the dismantling of preexisting Net Neutrality rules from the country’s Title II of the Communications Act.

Net neutrality, long story short, refers to the inability of internet service providers (ISPs) to restrict their customer’s freedom to browse the internet. It ensures an equal rate of data transfer for each website on the internet. So, should net neutrality cease to exist, it would allow ISPs to bundle up websites and dictate which of those are accessible to their users at a given time.

Due to the nature of these companies as businesses, such an opportunity would prompt them into creating packages wherein those that allow access to more websites cost more. Another potential strategy would be the inclusion of other websites for additional fees. It is observable that these are similar to the mechanics of a cable company, where access to more channels is directly proportional to the cost of the service. Which shouldn’t be the case, as the internet was made primarily for communication and the exchange of information, unlike cable television, which is primarily constructed for entertainment purposes. In a sense, it will destroy the freedom of information.

Without net neutrality, large internet based corporations such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing have access to faster rates of data transfer, while smaller-based corporations and simple domain owners will struggle to maintain their sites, or worse, phase out, all because of the fact that they will have lower priority in terms of internet connection.

This issue is alarmingly relevant, because even though the vote itself is limited to the USA, take note that the majority of internet based companies are USA-based, meaning that the outcome of the vote may affect their customers outside the country. In addition to that, it might cause a domino effect where a similar law will be passed in other countries. If that were to happen, this site itself, Ang Aninag Online, will be greatly affected. This, and other independent sites will either be forced to join a major company, or be left with little to no access to its audience.

Aside from this, the monopoly that those major companies will have once net neutrality is lifted will be devastating. They will have the ability to manipulate the contents of what they want to show, what they can block or censor, and what they can be paid to show. When net neutrality is lifted, the endpoint will be a rich man’s game with the masses’ freedom of access as the game pieces to further their own endeavors.

The internet was created in order to link the entire world to a central hub for information that is accessible to anyone and everyone. Because of this, the mere idea of limiting a person’s access defeats its very purpose, not to mention that such an action will only benefit a select number of people. After all, as Tim Berners Lee, the man who “invented” the internet, tweeted back in 2012: “This [the internet] is for everyone.’ //by Aldous Dela Pena and Raymund Creencia



Opinion: Hands, Words, Looks Off Limits

12/11/2017 08:28:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Photo Credit: Jem Torrecampo

“Hey, beautiful.”
“Ang sarap naman!”
“’Sup, Shawty!”

Ever heard these phrases shouted at someone while walking down the streets? Maybe some are unfortunately oblivious to it, but this is called sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is the act of disrespecting a person in a physical, verbal or visual manner. It ranges from catcalling and wolf whistling, to exhibitionism and groping. Some have experienced it while walking out on the streets, in the workplace, during concerts, in stores, on social networking sites, inside public transportation vehicles, and even inside one’s own home. It could happen anywhere and at any time.

Sadly, based on a 2016 study by the Social Weather Stations, in Metro Manila, 3 out of 5 women have been sexually harassed. Yet this only accounts for those who have decided to voice out their experiences with sexual harassment and report it to officials. There are many incidents which go on unshared or unreported.

Recently, several allegations of sexual misconduct have come up against local indie band members such as Samuel Valenia, guitarist and back-up vocalist of Jensen and the Flips, and Sud Ballecer, the front man of Sud. The bands Miles Experience and Ang Bandang Shirley were mentioned as well. A Twitter thread naming these various bands committing unwanted sexual advances towards fans caught wind and sparked outrage, enough for them to be removed from the line-up of previously booked gigs. Sud will no longer be expected to perform at the UP Fair on February 2018, and Jensen and the Flips was kicked out from the list of performers in the annual event of Vandals On the Wall, The Rest is Noise Year-End, along with the termination of their partnership with Coke Studio.

Earlier this November, two police officers were reported to have catcalled a woman along Katipunan Avenue and were penalized with a light violation: up to a month of jail time or a fine of 1,000 Pesos to 5,000 Pesos. If we look farther back this year, priests were also reported to have sexually assaulted a child, and when she reported this to the police and told her family about it, her family threatened and beat her.

Sadly, even President Rodrigo Duterte was accused of sexual harassment, having catcalled a reporter during a press conference, as well as kissing women without them showing clear consent during a campaign event in Taguig. He spontaneously embraced them and kissed them, while they complied due to them being his fans. He has stated that he has fully embraced his persona as a womanizer and maintains his unbecoming conduct, while the majority of Filipinos tolerate his behavior. He is also known to have done these sorts of actions in the past, before his presidency. He has stated that catcalling and calling women “beautiful” loudly in public isn’t anything that warrants sexual harassment. He has also said that not permitting him to do such restricts his freedom of speech and his love for the Filipino people.

The City of Davao has the City Ordinance 5004 and Executive Order No.24 Section 8 that defines sexual harassment as “cursing, whistling, or calling a woman in public with words having dirty connotations or implications which tend to ridicule, humiliate, or embarrass the woman such as “boring” and “peste” among others. If you don’t see what’s alarming about a president showing his “love” for his people by spontaneously kissing women, as well as not being able to follow his own laws when he was mayor of Davao, then l don’t know what else you’d find disturbing.

To victims of sexual harassment, some would say, “Why don’t you just say no?” or “Why don’t you confront them?” Others would say that the victims asked for it because of how they dress or where they were when the incident occurred, that they themselves invited sexual harassment. Most of these people don’t understand what it’s like to be in the position of a person being sexually harassed or assaulted. Most victims of sexual misconduct were reluctant to report such cases for fear of their assaulter or the possible consequences that would come from them telling the public. When victims report it, sometimes they are treated with disgust and, as aforementioned, are blamed for being harassed, while those suspect would be praised due to their machismo in this patriarchal society.

Society should be well aware that there are many cases of sexual misconduct happening inside our country, and also that it’s one of the few problems the country keeps putting up with in the streets and even in mass media. Jokes or remarks that force sexual intentions on people and make them uncomfortable are still casually tossed around in many places and mediums, as if they had a place in the norm of day to day interaction.

But this can be stopped. Start by letting people know about the various campaigns regarding sexual harassment. We can let other people and the victims know that they have laws protecting them in the workplace and on the streets. There are laws such as the Republic Act 7877 or the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995 that prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace, at school, and training environments. There are also The Anti-Catcalling Ordinance that penalizes street-level sexual harassment in Quezon City and The Davao City Ordinance 5004 and Executive Order No.24 as stated above. There is also the Republic Act 9710 or the Magna Carta for Women which extends the range of R.A. 7877 from the workplace, school, and training ground to everywhere else. Encourage victims to report their cases, not only to make others more aware, but also to empower those who are too afraid to speak up.

According to R.A. 7877, sexual harassment within the workplace warrants penalties of imprisonment from between 1 to 6 months, a fine ranging from 10,000 Pesos and 20,000 Pesos, or both. If you will report an act of sexual harassment, you may go to the women’s desk in nearby police offices. One may also call the Women and Child Protection Hotline at 436-72-11 in Quezon City, as well as refer to the Philippine Commission on Women’s Website for their hotlines at http://www.pcw.gov.ph/directory/vaw-hotlines.

The country still has a long way to go before citizens truly feel safe and have a secure community free of sexual harassment and abuse. The reports this year may be only the tip of the iceberg. Reporting cases of sexual harassment is a way to make the voices of the many women out there that are terrified be heard. If not through the police and officials, some let their voices be heard on social media. For instance, due to recent sexual allegations, people on Twitter made an uproar with the various hashtags #MeToo, #QuellaVoltaChe (“That Time When”), #BalanceTonPorc (“Snitch Out Your Pig”), as well as #IWillSpeakUp (which was started by A Call To Men campaign) to raise awareness about sexual harassment and misconduct.

Social media, in our generation, is a powerful weapon. Let us use this to empower those who are oppressed and educate those who are still in the dark.

Speak up and know your rights. Make this world safer for everyone.//by Rad Pascual and Rachel Siringan


chesca santiago,

Bangladeshi education officials tour UPIS

12/11/2017 08:23:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Twenty-five (25) education officials from Bangladesh visited the University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS) last December 5.

The visit was part of an international study tour on secondary education focusing on English and Mathematics teaching in the Philippines. UPIS is the last of 8 schools visited by the officials through the program.

Prof. Rachel Ramirez, Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs (APAP), gave the visitors a lecture on the history of UPIS and an overview of the school’s secondary education curriculum. A campus tour and classroom observations followed.

LORNA. The iconic “The Teacher” statue looms behind the Bangladeshi education officials as they cap off their study tour in UPIS. Photo Credit: Prof. Rachel Ramirez

The international study tour organized by Don Mariano Marcos State University aims to deepen its participants’ knowledge on secondary education in the country. It ran from November 27 until December 7. //by Chesca Santiago


hanzvic dellomas,

Suguitan lands 1st place in Malaysian Math competition

12/11/2017 08:19:00 PM Media Center 2 Comments

Grade 4 UPIS student Lovina Suguitan conquered the 4th Malaysia International Mathematics Olympiad (MIMO) held last November 26-27 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Suguitan and 3 other Philippine representatives clinched the championship in the team contest of the Middle Primary category. She also contributed to the country’s medal standing by bagging bronze in the individual contest.

“I felt happiness when I won and gratefulness to the GOD. I learned about more complicated math like combinatorics and the likes. I also learned that not every body wins and sometimes you will also lose and be sad, but I learned that if you lose you can try and try again until you win,” shared Suguitan.

TRIUMPHANT. Lovi Suguitan (leftmost) and her teammates raise their medals and trophy along with the Philippine flag after a successful finish. Photo credit: Mrs. Lourddie A. Tan Suguitan.

Participants both in the team and individual contests took written exams wherein a range of scores corresponds to the contenders’ rank and award.

Team Philippines sent 32 participants from all over the country to both the Middle Primary (Grades 3-4) and Upper Primary (Grades 5-6) levels. Pinoy kids brought home 6 gold, 7 silver, and 11 bronze medals for the individual category while team contenders landed 2 championships, 1 first runner-up, and 2 second runners-up.

MIMO is an annual mathematics competition for primary schools. It aims to nurture students’ skills and interest in math and to provide an avenue for exchange of experience and ideas.

A total of 1136 contestants comprising 284 teams from various countries contended. //Hanzvic Dellomas


cedric jacobo,

UPIS, nakibahagi sa PCRC

12/11/2017 08:14:00 PM Media Center 1 Comments

Lumahok ang ilang mag-aaral ng UPIS sa ikalawang Philippine College Radio Congress (PCRC) noong Nobyembre 28 at 29 sa Plaridel Hall, UP College of Mass Communication (CMC).

Dalawampung mag-aaral mula sa 12-Katarungan ang nakibahagi sa PCRC, isang proyekto ng UP Department of Broadcast Communication na nilalayong palalimin sa mga kalahok ang kanilang kaalaman at pagpapahalaga sa college radio.

Nagasagawa rito ng lecture workshops kung saan tinalakay ang mga paksang tulad ng Multimedia Ethics, Social Media Penetration, Gender Sensitivity, at The DZUP Story. Naging tagapagsalita ang mga propesyunal mula sa iba’t ibang sangay ng peryodismo na sina Prop. Rose Feliciano, Prop. Jane Vinculado, Bb. Ma. Amor Olaguer, Mr. Jerry Gracio, Bb. Cindy-Cruz Cabrera, Bb. Irma Mutuc, Atty. Roland Antonio Guia Jr., Prof. Jun Austria, at Dr. Elizabeth Enriquez.

“Marami ka talagang matututunan sa PCRC since ‘yung mga nagsasalita ay professionals and magagaling talaga. Sobra siyang makakatulong lalo na kung sa communications ‘yung gusto mong tahakin in the future. Pero marami rin ako natutunan na magagamit ko even though ‘di siya related sa course choices ko. Tulad ng advertising/branding, gender sensitivity, programming at marami pang iba,” pagbabahagi ni Julian Taloma, isa sa mga kalahok ng UPIS na kumuha rin ng kanyang internship sa CMC.

Nagkaroon naman ng pagtatanghal ang UP Streetdance Club bilang pagtatapos ng PCRC. //Ni Cedric Jacobo

UNANG PIRMA. Naghahanda at nagpaparehistro ang mga kalahok ng UPIS sa unang araw ng PCRC. Photo credits: DZUP



Filipino Drama, nagbalik sa entablado

12/11/2017 08:12:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Makalipas ang dalawang taon, muling nagtanghal ang klase ng Filipino Drama (FD) noong Huwebes, Disyembre 7 sa Room 121 ng UPIS 7-12 Building.

Itinanghal ng unang klase ang produksyong “Ang Goldfish ni Prof. Dimaandal” ni Eljay Deldoc sa direksyon nina Aldous dela Peña at Danna Sumalabe. Una itong ipinalabas sa Virgin Labfest noong 2014 at nagkaroon ng re-run noong 2015.

DEDELS 101. Tampok sa isang madamdaming eksena ang lima sa anim na nagsipagganap sa "Ang Goldfish ni Prof. Dimaandal" na sina (L-R): Zach Jugo, Denice Palicte, Hillary Fajutagana, Fiel Delos Reyes, at Jaihra Bagaoisan (nakatalikod). Photo Credit: Raymund Creencia

Itinanghal naman ng ikalawang klase ang “Teroristang Labandera” ni Debbie Ann L. Tan sa direksyon nina Adrian Bornilla at Hannah Manalo. Ipinalabas ito sa Virgin Labfest noong 2007 at muli noong 2016.

MGA DAMIT NAMIN! Tampok sina Ana Suiza at Rad Pascual (L-R) sa isang kapana-panabik na bahagi ng "Teroristang Labandera". Photo Credit: Raymund Creencia.

Matapos ang pagpapatupad ng K-12 curriculum, ang Filipino Drama na noo’y elektib para sa Grado 10 ay binuksang muli para sa mga mag-aaral ng Grado 12. Ang huling batch na nagtanghal ng produksyon sa ilalim ng K-10 curriculum ay ang Batch 2015.

Magkakaroon ng pangalawang pagtatanghal ang klase sa darating na Huwebes, Disyembre 14, sa ganap na ika-2 n.h. Ang huling show ay bubuksan sa mga mag-aaral ng UPIS at sa mga non-UPIS.

Ang FD 2018 ang kauna-unahang klase ng Filipino Drama na hinati sa dalawang grupo bunsod ng dami ng mga mag-aaral nito. //ni Trisa de Ocampo


hanzvic dellomas,

Ruivivar, tumula sa Pag-iilaw 2017

12/11/2017 08:09:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Nagtanghal si Eunice Ruivivar sa “Pag-iilaw para sa Pasko 2017 at Konsiyerto sa Plaza” noong Biyernes, Nobyembre 24 sa UP Quezon Hall.

Inirepresenta ni Ruivivar ng 10-Narra ang UPIS sa pamamagitan ng pagbigkas sa akdang “Pasko Na!” ni Benigno Zamora. Matapos tumula ay nagpalipad si Ruivivar ng kalapati bilang hudyat ng pag-iilaw sa buong UP Diliman campus at kay Oble.

HUDYAT. Kasama ni Eunice Ruivivar sina UP President Danilo Concepcion, Chancellor Michael Tan, at Vice Chancellor Nestor Castro (kaliwa-kanan) sa pagpapalipad niya ng kalapati. Photo credits: Philippine Collegian.

Ang Pag-iilaw ay pormal na bahagi ng UP Diliman Year-End Program 2017 na may temang “UP Diliman: Paaralan, Palaruan”. Ito ang hudyat ng pagsisimula ng panahon ng Kapaskuhan sa buong unibersidad.

“Yung confidence ko talaga ‘yung sinanay ko since alam kong maraming tao ang manonood. Nakatulong din ‘yung previous experiences ko with monologues and class presentations dun sa mismong pagbibigkas ko ng tula,” pagbabahagi ni Ruivivar tungkol sa kaniyang naging mga paghahanda.

Maliban sa kaniya ay nagtanghal din ang UP Staff Chorale Society, UP Rondalla, UP Dance Company, UP Bikers at Skateboarders, si Bb. Marynor Madamesila, at ang bandang Sandwich. //ni Hanzvic Dellomas


cedric jacobo,

Students unravel truths in CA EMA Week 2017

12/11/2017 08:04:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Together with the Department of Communication Arts English, Music, and the Arts (CA EMA) students found light in the dark with this year’s CA EMA Week dubbed Silhouettes: Truths in the Shadows, held last November 21 - December 1.

The celebration began with the most-awaited Culminating Music Program where students performed various music styles they learned in music class. 7-Saturn, 8-Firefly, and 9-Xenon bagged first place in their respective grade levels.

As part of the event, representatives from each section competed in a spelling bee where Jamie Parungao (Grade 7), John Benjamin Diaz (Grade 8), Isa Isip (Grade 9), and Simon Valenzuela (Grade 10) were declared winners.

Students and teachers also took part in the traditional costume event, Literally Literary Day last November 23. This year, the department held a Costume Contest whose winners in the individual and group categories will be announced next year, January 2018.

THE HEATHERS’ PITCH. Grade 9 students Yanni Kessel, Jana Garcia, Megan Basillio, Arianne Puno, and Gaby Cabalu (L-R) dress up as characters of the Heathers: The Musical and pose for the group category of the LLD Costume Contest. Photo Credit: Kitkat Cuerdo

Grade 12 students from the Instrumental Music class also held their recital during the week, and the Media Center (MC) 2019 staff conducted their #MCLive Culminating Activity which also served as a tribute and turnover Ceremony for MC 2018, the school paper’s editorial staff since 2015.

To close the event, the department also hosted the 10th year of Rhyme, Rhythm, and Reason (RRR) with the theme inTENse: Songs of the Decades. This year’s RRR was held in cooperation with the UPIS Faculty Club on December 8 during the annual Thanksgiving Party of the Faculty and Staff. //by Cedric Jacobo and Marianne Sasing



Literary (Submission): Shoot for the Stars

11/29/2017 09:39:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Pick up that tiny star
Lying on the ground
Thank goodness, there you are!
I’m so glad to have been found
Take it, protect it, and give it something to eat
Without you, surviving would have been quite a feat

Be mindful of its flame, dimly lit
So I can rest now, and in peace I can sit

Silently... snatch that star! Throw it very far
Wish it a safe journey as it glides to Mars
But why on earth are you tearing us apart,
Just when I thought this place could be ours?
A star doesn't belong here
It will suffer in your planet
That star's rightful place
Is with the asteroids and comets
Am I forced to go alone
Above highest summits?
Where else do I belong
If I am not in your orbit?
Remember that star
Revel in those memories
Why don’t you understand?
You’re more than enough for me
Remember having that tiny star
Near you, beside you
This isn’t fair for either of us,
If only you truly knew
Look up and see your little star
Together with another
Your little star wants to stay -
To be beside you, she would rather
With a heavy heart,
Smile, because you know
That's the best for that beautiful star
Learn to let him go
For I can’t change the way things are
Smile, teary-eyed
And in one burst of emotion,
As you watch that little star,
Further away from you, she will fly
As I watch you give up on us
Further away from you, I will fly
Because for us, gravity doesn’t apply.



Literary (Submission): Masayang Kwento

11/29/2017 09:35:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Noong magsimula ang ating kwento
Alam kong panghabambuhay na tayo
Habambuhay tayong masaya
Habambuhay nating mahal ang isa’t isa
At nangako akong pasasayahin ka
Anupaman ang iyong maging problema
Noong magsimula ang ating kwento
Nagduda ako kung magtatagal ba ‘to
Baka nagmamadali lang tayo
Baka nasabik lang masyado
Pero kahit walang kasiguraduhan
Pareho tayong may kinapitan

May mga pagkakataong hindi maiiwasan
Na tayo ay may ‘di pagkakaunawaan
Humihingi ako ng tawad
Dahil sa’kin ito nagsisimula
Nagsisimula sa aking kakulitan
Nagsisimula sa aking kababawan
Natakot ako dahil sa isang dahilan
Nagsimula tayong ‘di magkaintindihan
Away roon, away rito
Kaya tinatanong nila
Bakit hindi pahiwalayan ka na?
Pasensya na, mahal ko siya.

Alam ko ang mga kasalanan ko
At pangakong hindi na uulitin ito
Pagkat itutuloy pa ang masaya nating kwento
At pangakong hindi na matatapos ito
Pagkat aalagaan ang masaya nating kuwento
At mamahalin ka nang buong-buo
Pero lahat ng ‘di pagkakaintindihan
Lahat ng tawanan, kakulitan, kababawan
Ay mga dahilan kung bakit ka nagustuhan
Kung bakit iniintindi ang ating pagkakaiba
Kung bakit mahal na mahal kita
Kaya’t ipinapangako ko
Hindi matatapos ang kwentong ito



Literary (Submission): Numero

11/29/2017 09:25:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Isa, Dalawa, Tatlo
Sa rock bench sa likod ng puno,
Dahan-dahan akong lumapit sa’yo.
Matagal ko nang itinatago,
Gusto kong malaman mong matagal na kitang gusto.

Apat, Lima, Anim
Ako’y namumutla na sa kaba.
Nanahimik ka’t ngumiti bigla.
At sinabi mo sa aking “Gusto rin kita.”
Ang hiling sa wakas ay natupad na.

Pito, Walo, Siyam
Naging tayo at umasa ako.
Kasi ang alam ko mahal kita, mahal mo rin ako.
Umasang ang tayo’y walang hangganan,
Ngunit ang walang hanggan ay nagkaroon ng katapusan.

Anong nangyari sa ‘tayo’?
Akala ko ba mahal mo ako?
Ako ba ang may kasalanan?
Ako ba ang nagkulang?

Una, Pangalawa, Pangatlo
Sa rock bench sa likod ng puno,
Nilapitan mo ako.
Sabi mo’y gusto mo ako.

Pang-apat, Pan-lima, Pang-anim
Gusto mo ako’t gusto rin kita.
Sinagot kita.
Hindi para mahalin ka, ngunit para lumigaya.

Pampito, Pang-Walo, Pansiyam
Dumating sa punto na tinanong ko ang aking sarili.
Oo sigurado ka na mahal mo ako,
Ngunit sigurado nga ba akong gusto kong mahalin ang isang tulad mo?

Huli na ang lahat at iniwan kita.
Hindi para saktan ka, ngunit para itama ang mga mali na aking ginawa.
Patawarin mo ako’t huli na ito.



Literary: Puno't Dulo

11/29/2017 09:19:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Ang bawat katagang nagsisimula sa salitang “huli” ay may kaakibat na katapusan
Mabigat sa damdamin ang makarinig ng mga pariralang nagsisimula sa ganito…

Huling Sayaw
Huling sayaw na ating pinaghatiang dalawa, ang siyang unang pasakit.
Tanda ko pa kung paano nagsayaw ang mga ilaw sa iyong mga mata.
Kasabay nito ang pagpintig ng aking puso sa saliw ng musika.
Ang unti-unti mong pagdiin sa aking mga bisig ang siyang naghudyat sa wakas ng kantang ating sinasayawan.

Huling Pamamaalam
Umalis ka’t lumisan habang ikinukubli ang totoo mong mga damdamin.
Inamin mong huli na ang lahat at dinala tayo nito sa huli nating pamamaalam.
Ang bawat pagpatak ng iyong luha sa sahig, tila mga karayom na sumusugat sa aking dibdib.
Ang pag-iwas sa isa’t isa ang nagtulak sa atin sa magkaibang landas.

Huling Pangako
Lumipas ang panahon, hindi rin natin natiis ang isa’t isa.
Ang muli nating pagtatagpo ay hudyat ng bagong simulang magkasama.
Kaya’t upang ‘di na maulit ang pagkakamali, ito ang huling mga pangakong aking panghahawakan:
Iyo lamang ang huling kamay na aking hahawakan at iyo lamang ang huling labing hahagkan.

Huling Pag-ibig
Ikaw ang naging dahilan sa panunumbalik ng pag-asa sa tila gumuguho kong mundo.
Hindi na sasayangin pa itong panibagong pagkakataong ibinigay sa ating dalawa.
Hindi ko maisip na sa aking kinabukasan, iba ang aking makakapiling sapagkat,
Ikaw lang, aking sinta, ang huli kong iibigin hanggang sa aking huling hininga.

Ang bawat katagang nagsisimula sa salitang”huli” ay may kaakibat na katapusan
Pero sa huli, bagong simula ang makakamtan sa katapusang may kaakibat na matamis na hinaharap.



Literary: Huling Sayaw

11/29/2017 09:13:00 PM Media Center 1 Comments

Simpleng buhay lang naman ang alam ko dati. Panik-panaog sa slide, habulan sa damuhan, kwentuhan sa clubhouse, tulakan sa swing.

Isang alas-kuwatro ng hapon, sa pagtunog ng bell, kumaripas na ako ng takbo sa playground. Unahan na sa swing. Uupo na sana ako kasi bigla mo akong hinawi.

“Ako diyan,” sabi mo. “Pero nauna ako,” sagot ko.

Bigla mong inilabas yung kanang kamao mo. Akala ko susuntukin mo ako. Sa laki ba naman ng braso mo, syempre natakot ako. Kababae mong tao, mas malaki ka pa sa akin.

Hahamunin mo lang pala ako ng jak-en-poy. “Isang bagsakan,” sabi mo.

“Hindi, sige, sa’yo na,” sagot ko. “Nauna ka naman eh. Basta pagkatapos mo, ako naman ah.”

Ngumiti ka bilang pasasalamat at napangiti rin naman ako dahil nawala yung mga mata mo sa laki ng pisngi mo.

At sa mga sumunod na alas-kuwatro ng hapon, sa pagtunog ng bell, kakaripas na ako ng takbo sa playground at hahanapan tayo ng swing.

Gulay Day
Ayaw ko ng gulay pero sa bawat Martes na dumaan, iyon ang lagi kong iniintindi.

“Hoy! Gulay ba ulam mo ngayon?” tanong ko.

“Of course! Ako pa ba? Lahat naman kinakain ko.” Inilabas mo ang baunan mo at naamoy ko na ang baon mong pinakbet.

“Pahingi naman ako,” sabi ko.

“Eh ‘di ba hindi ka naman kumakain ng gulay?”

“Mag-checheck na si Ma’am eh! Wala akong dalang gulay! Scrambled egg lang pinadala ng nanay ko.”

“Sige na nga. Pero mamaya ibalik mo sa akin ah!”

Kaya tuwing Martes, bago dumating si Ma’am, bibigyan mo na ako ng gulay. Ngunit isang beses, hindi siya umalis ng klase kaya kinailangan kong kainin ang ibinigay mo. Galit na galit ka noon kasi wala akong naibalik sa’yo. Kaya pagdating ng uwian, kinailangan pa kita ilibre ng kwek-kwek.

Lumabas na ang mga ugat sa leeg mo at mukhang puputok na sila.

Nasa gilid ako ng formation at nasa harap ka.

“OKAY! FROM THE TOP!” bulyaw mo. Sira kasi ang mikropono kaya kinailangan mong sumigaw.

Gigil na gigil ka sa pagtuturo ng sayaw sa batch natin kasi kailangan nating manalo. Isa ka sa mga choreographer at walang dumaan na araw ng practice na wala ka.

Kaya naman tuwing pagkatapos ng mga practice, palagi kitang hinihintay at yayain kumain. Alam kong ‘yun lang naman ang magpapawala ng stress mo—pagkain.

Dahil gabi na tayo natatapos, palagi kita inihahatid sa bahay niyo. Magkalapit lang naman tayo ng bahay, halos isang street lang ang pagitan. At palagi kang nakabilin sa akin ng magulang mo, lalo na ng tatay mo.

Sa pagdaan ng mga taon, hindi tayo pinaghiwalay ng ating pagkakaibigan kahit na magkaiba tayo ng section. Minsan magtetext ka pa kung kumusta ako at magtatanungan tayo ng mga score sa mga quiz. Kahit nga magkaiba na ang track natin, nag-uusap pa rin tayo.

“Uy, malapit na pub namin. Submit ka ha!” sabi mo sa akin pagkapasok ko ng library.

“Ano bang theme?” tanong ko.

“Paborito mo yun, MCPakisabi.”

“Sige. Sa ‘yo na lang ulit ako magsusubmit ha. Ikaw lang naman nakakaalam ng penname ko eh.”

Simula pa nang malaman ko kung ano ang MCPakisabi, palagi na akong nagpapasa ng mga naiimbak kong hinaing na mula pa sa notes ko sa phone. Lahat ng lit na ipinasa ko roon, tungkol sa ‘yo. At ikaw itong palaging nag-e-edit ng mga lit, pero kahit kailan hindi mo nahalata. Inaasar mo pa nga ako na grabe yung mga hugot ng mga lit ko.

Ewan ko ba sa ‘yo kung bakit hindi mo mahalata. Hindi mo rin maramdaman.

Fil Drama
“Ano bang nangyayari sa ‘yo?” sabi mo. May mga luha na sa gilid ng mata mo.

“Wala kang pakialam!” sagot ko.

“Hindi na kita maintindihan eh!” pasigaw mong sinabi.

“Kailan mo ba ako inintindi?” Lumakas na rin ang boses ko.

“Diretsuhin mo nga ako! Dahil hindi ko kayang basahin kung anong nandyan sa utak mo. Matatanggap ko lahat dahil kaibigan mo ko eh.”

“Yes, kaibigan mo ko. Kaibigan mo lang ako. And that’s all I ever was to you, your best friend! Takbuhan mo kapag may problem ka. And I’m so stupid for making the biggest mistake of falling in love with my best friend! Dahil kahit kailan hindi mo naman ako makikita eh. Kahit kailan hindi mo ako kayang mahalin na higit pa sa isang kaibigan.”

Ilang linggo natin ‘tong in-ensayo para makapasa sa audition at mapasama sa mismong mga bida ng dula. Kinabog pa natin sina Jolina at Marvin. Ewan ko ba kung tadhana ba na nabunot kitang kapareha at itong eksena rin ang napunta sa atin. Oo, sinadya nating magpalit ng role kasi sabi mo dito masusubok kung gaano tayo kagaling umarte.

Hanggang sa araw ng audition, palakpakan ang mga tao dahil ang galing nating umarte. Dahil magaling ka talaga at akala nilang magaling ako. Pero ang totoo? Totoo lahat ng mga salitang binitawan ko.

Grad Ball
Ito na. Ito na talaga.

Dumilim ang mga ilaw at bumagal ang kanta. Linapitan kita at niyaya kang sumayaw.

Sa gitna ng dancefloor, habang yakap mo ako, ang bestfriend mo, nagtanong ka. “Bakit ngayon mo lang ako sinayaw?”

Hindi rin ako nakasagot. Patuloy lang nating sinundan ang mabagal na kanta. Handa na ako kanina pero ngayong napakalapit na ng mukha mo at nasa harap ko na ang ngiti mo hindi ko magawang sabihin ang mga salitang ilang beses kong inensayo.

Bahala na.

“Pwede ba umamin?” tanong ko.

“Oh my gosh, bakla ka?” sabi mo. “Kailan pa?”

“Hindi. Panira ka ng moment eh mo? Kita mo nang aamin yung tao tapos gaganyanin mo lang?”

Tumawa ka.

“Matagal na kitang gusto,” sabi ko.

“Alam ko,” sabi mo.

Tumigil ang kanta. Sinindihan na ang mga ilaw. Bumaba na ang mga braso mo.

Tahimik lang ako dahil hindi ko alam ang isasagot. Nakatingin ka lang din sa akin na parang naghihintay na may masabi ako. Kahit ano.

Pero nagkagulo na ang lahat. Nawala ka sa dami ng mga tao.

Hindi ako nakatulog pag-uwi. Patuloy na bumabagabag sa utak ko kung bakit ko ba kasi sinabi, paano mo nalaman at bakit wala akong naisagot.

Pagpatak ng alas-kuwatro ng umaga, tumunog ang cellphone ko. Isang text mula sa’yo.

Ang bawat araw sa swing ay ‘di malilimutan.
Ang bawat alaalang ating pinagsaluhan, aking tatandaan.
Alam ko kung para kanino ang bawat kwento’t tula.
Alam kong totoo ang bawat binitawan mong salita.
Pero ang ating unang sayaw ay iyong huli na.
Dahil ‘pag kaibigan, kaibigan lang talaga.



Literary: Pananatili

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Sa aba
Ng isang


Pinanonood lamang
Kung sino ang susunod na lalabas

Kung may babalik pa

Sa bigat
Ng sakit --

Kung may manantili pa

Ang bawat pag-alis
Namumukod tanging naiwan

Na tanging nananatili
Sa lumisan,
At paglisan



Literary: Sa Huling Pagkakataon

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Sa pagtatapos ng pana-panahon…

Ito na ang huling pagkakataon,
Na makikita
Mga salitang pinagtagpo ng panahon
Na mababasa
Mga tugmang pilit hinulma ng pagkakataon
Isang pagtatapos
Isang pagsisimula
At pagpapakawala sa kahapon

Ang pagkalas
Ang paglaya
Mula sa pagkakatali sa lubid na iba ang may likha

Wala nang hanggang ngayon at wala nang hanggang tingin…

Ang pag-iwan
Ang pagwawakas

Sa relasyong sila ang nagbigay depenisyon

Ito na ang huling pagkakataon,
Hindi kakalimutan
Ang mga natutunan
Sa mga gunita ng nakaraan

Iiwan ang bakas
Magsisimula ng bagong daan

Ngayon magkabila na ang mundo…

Tatahak na ng ibang landas

Narito na ang dulo
Tapos na ang kwento

Ito na ang huling pahimakas.



Literary: Sunset

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5:24 pm
We were lilacs and tangerines
In a perfectly painted sunset sky
Luck must have worked its magic when
Two shades at far ends of the color wheel
Met to parade their otherworldly glow
Each time the sun begins to slow

11:11 pm
The overcast inches hastily
Turning the warmth of the afternoon
To bleakness of the gloaming
What once were lilacs and tangerines,
Now tenebrous hues of blue
And to plead was all I could do

2:00 am
The moment our blues turned to blacks
Is when I knew we’ve lost to luck
Luck’s a filthy foe for chancing upon us
At sunset
Which lasts but a few minutes
But burns everything with it in its hellish glow

5:55 am
Till cockcrow I tend to the burns
From the radiance
We thought as serendipity
Still I ponder,
Was the sunset our destiny
Or a sign of how we are not meant to be?



Literary: Walking Down Memory Lane

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“Would you please hold my hand one last time?”

“Maybe, this is our happy ending.”

Stage 6: The Break-up
I’ve decided
And I think, you did too.
The more I try to get to you,
The more we hurt each other
I hate how we reached this point
Full of regrets
As if we never found love in the space of one another
I hate how my heart and body keep
Remembering all these stages we’ve been through
Even though, in the end, I did lose you

“Nothing seems to go right.”

Stage 5: Tolerance
You’ve changed.
And I have too.
The fire that raged between us
Turned to smoke that fogs our state of mind.
I hate how we argue about
The dumbest little things
As if our bodies just want us to wrangle.
I hate how my heart and body always debate
If this is still love
Or just the fear of being alone.

“I remember how comfortable we were with each other.”

Stage 4: Comfortable
Every time you are around
All I feel is you
You-- and the love that you have
Your arms wrapped around me
Just to make me feel safe


Sometimes, it doesn’t
Sometimes, it breaks me
Too tight and I’m falling to pieces
Too loose and it doesn’t feel the same
Whenever I close my eyes,
I wonder what if our stars weren't aligned?

“I can still remember how aggressive the butterflies were.”

Stage 3: Honeymoon
Every time I see you through my eyes,
All that surrounds you became a blur
But you-- you move in slow motion
As if you are taking your time
To show how beautiful you are to me.


Seeing you in my mind is not slow in pace.
It is fast.
And you are all I can see
Standing in the altar
Wearing a fine suit.

Stage 2: The Chase
I won’t forget how I loved you.

Stage 1: Meeting
I won’t forget how we met.

“Maybe, we weren’t that bad of a couple.”
“You are still perfect.”
“And so are you.”

Then they both said,

“But not for each other.”

*inspired by Wong Fu’s Strangers Again



Literary: What I Never Told You

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Before us
I want you to know that I fell for you first. Right after your soothing voice filled the room with magic and joy the day I went to see you perform. I didn't know how good I was at trying to contain myself and keeping a straight face, but seeing you close your eyes as you sang those words and moved to the rhythm of the beat made my heart flutter. And since then, it has always skipped a beat whenever I saw you.

When there was still an us
I want you to know I meant every word I said, I hope you know that. Every word of all the letters and poems written to and for you was from my heart. And even now when both our feelings have changed, those things prove that at one point in our lifetimes, we had each other.

I want you to know I always thought about you. Heck, I still do. Even more when it’s midnight and the memories come rushing back. It makes me remember the conversations we had and I always wonder where we went wrong. How it slipped just right out of our hands, not knowing we would eventually let go. You fill my thoughts every time, whether or not I have a lot going on in mind. You will always be someone I care for and think about. You own a special place in my heart.

After us
I want you to know I still hope it’s you and me in the end. No matter how many signs the universe gives me, telling me otherwise, and no matter how far away we get from each other. I still hope the broken pieces fix themselves and put us together back again. I am willing to leave what’s meant for me, if ever I realize we’re not meant to be. I'll make it work. We'll make it work.

I may never get the chance to say this to you, but I still want you to know that I miss you the most. I miss you before I sleep, and whenever there’s dead air or when something comes up and reminds me of you. I miss you when I look at the stars, and even more when I listen to that song we danced to. Everything makes me miss you, and I know there’s no quick escape to that. All I can do is hope that time would heal things to the point when something reminds me of you again, I won’t miss you anymore.



Literary: Promises to Keep

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You promised her so many things.

The Seas
You promised her its vast, deep blue
The ever shifting surface
And the endlessness it imbues

The World
You promised everything you’ve seen
The late night drives, the travelogues
The places where you’ve been

The Stars
You promised her the moon, galaxies, and all
You wanted to show how much you’ll give
Just to make her fall

Your Time
You promised her all your minutes, all the hours of the day
You said you’d spend them together
Come what may

Your Love
You promised her your love and to love only her
You vowed to give a love so pure
Through vast seas, wide worlds, through time, it will endure

But can you keep your promises?

In the end, you should know,
Promises are not dreams you wish to come true
They are true things
You wish to give to someone you value

A promise should be made
Not with the things you wish you had
If you promise her everything,
Then promise her what you have