Literary (Submission): Behind the Scenes

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Beneath the shadows,
I am looking out
Into a world of peculiar lights
And sounds
Bringing forth novelties
In ample amounts

The greatest of which
Was his angelic face
That caused time to slacken
And slow in pace
Taking my senses,
And not leaving a trace

I longed to come near
For a closer look
But each time I tried
My hands, how they shook
And I couldn’t retrieve
The courage he took

So instead, I only watched
The way he’d command
Those lights, the sounds
As if according to plan
I could see them dancing
In the palm of his hand

I envied the words he’d sing out
And speak
Words filled with passion,
Words I wished were for me
But I perished the thought
For it just cannot be

He will never know
Of the way I feel
Because while I am here,
We will never meet
That is just how it is
From behind the scenes



Literary (Submission): Not Just Your Average Movie

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For some time now, I’ve admired you, but always from afar…
The first time I saw you on screen
It was as if I felt love for the first time
But there was nothing I could do
To close the gap between me and you

From time to time, I sent you letters
Which just mixed up with countless others
Until that one fateful day,
That I simply ran out of words to say
I didn’t give up, I mean why? Why now of all times?
There was nothing to describe
The rollercoaster of emotions I felt
Except perhaps the giant smile
That will be on my face for a while

Was it a sign of genuine interest?
Or just out of courtesy,
But whatever the reason may be,
Your reply meant worlds to me

One response led to another
And soon we started talking regularly
With these chats, happiness came
Though I wished you could say the same

Come a few weeks and you’d invited me to a premiere,
From out of nowhere, I heard your voice
Saying, “It’s OK, he’s with me”
And it was at that moment
That my heart was simply content
Love took over and we spent the rest of our lives together…
Well, not exactly. After all, this is not your average movie

After a couple of days
I wanted to say thanks
Maybe with some incredible feat
Or a simple box of sweets

My first try didn’t go so well,
But a little later, where we met
From your angelic lips came “Thank you”,
Two words that filled my heart with different hues
Well, that’s how the story ends for now
What happens next, I leave up to you
But I hope you know that I’m always here for you.



Literary (Submission): Two Kinds

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Irene Adler x Fera

There are two kinds of fear in the world
I am the ghost of the past
I am the mystery of the future
I chase your deepest regrets and leave you aghast
I am a maze with an outcome still unsure
Everyone is horrified of the things they have done
Everybody tries to get out and away they run

Both are terrified of the memories that happened and will happen
We are the fear that lingers every now and then

Laya Cangiante x Barsiti

There are two kinds of change in the world
I am deliberate change
I am unsincere change
I thank my conscience for chasing me
I can’t find myself, I want to be free
Everyone thinks that I changed for the worse
Everybody thinks I did great
But I need to put myself first
But I did not choose this fate
Both of us are different now
People keep on asking how
We know that change isn’t permanent
It’s a lifetime experiment

Dawson x Evie

There are two kinds of dream in the world
I am daydream
I am nightmare
I show rainbows and unicorns and puppy paws
I give focus on your fears and flaws
Everyone adores me for I free them from
the land of reality
Everybody loathes me ‘cause I terrorize your
mind with maximum tenacity

Both of us are figments of your imagination
Conjuring creatures with no meaning or explanation
We give you feelings, wildly different from each other
But one is not special without the other

Olivia x Silhouette

There are two kinds of love in the world
I am we 
 I am you and me
I help you escape reality and carry your crosses
I am the thorn beneath your bed
Everyone wants to experience me
Everybody finds me instead
But some never do
Breaking their hearts into two
Both of us are disguised as forever
But only one lasts

We embed ourselves in your history
One in the present, the other in the past

Quentin x Code Matrix

There are two kinds of pain in the world
I am physical pain
I am emotional pain
I am temporary, soon will be a memory
I am long lasting, causing them internal bleeding
Everyone can see me but they all know I won’t last
Everybody feels me even if I am in the past

Both of us cause damage
You can’t hide us using bandage

We are essential to the world
Even though we cannot be heard

Coconut x Red Wood

There are two kinds of freedom in the world
I am constrained freedom
I am true freedom
I am chained by the law, bound by society 
 I am not false, nothing can control me
Everyone wants to believe I’m true but
they are bound by their own rules

Everybody believes that they have me,
but I am really farther than what they see

We both have the same nickname but

We never held the same meaning.

Shortstop x Skywalker

There are two kinds of happiness in the world
I am temporary
I am everlasting
I make you feel like you’re as high as the clouds
I make you feel like you’re soaring through the sky
Then suddenly gravity pulls you down
and I’ll always be there to catch you before you reach the ground
Everyone will eventually feel empty
And when they do I’m the one they look for
Everybody gets what they truly need
and nothing else seems to matter anymore
Both are a part of life
Without us, you feel dead

We are the things you always long for
But when received, we are taken for granted



Literary: Cinema Love Story

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Sa sinehan sa Trinoma
Ang naging una nating pagkikita
Ako’y nabighani sa iyong mukha
At naakit ng iyong kumikislap na mata
Sa pagpasok ng sinehan
Dali-dali kong hinanap ang iyong kinaroroonan
Nagbabaka-sakali na ika’y makatabi
O kahit matanaw ka lang kahit sandali
Pagkatapos ng pelikula
Ako’y umaasa na ikaw ay muling makita
Ngunit ako’y bigo na muli kang masilayan
Kaya’t malungkot akong umuwi, di ka mawala sa isipan
Buwan ang lumipas at ika’y muling nakita
Ang saya sa aking mukha ay di maipinta
Ako’y naglakas loob na at ika’y nilapitan
Upang hingiin ang iyong pangalan
Sa sinehan nagsimula ang ating pagkakaibigan
Di naglaon ito’y nauwi sa malalim na pagmamahalan
Pagmamahalan na di matatawaran
Ng dalawang pusong nagkakaintindihan
Kay sarap balik-balikan
Ang ating pinagsimulan
Hinding-hindi ko malilimutan ang una nating usapan:
“Sir, ticket niyo po nasaan?”


faber castell 0.7,

Literary: Kailan?

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Sa tuwing napapaisip akong manood ng sine,
Gustong-gusto kong ikaw na sana ang makatabi!
Yung tipong kikiligin ako kahit ang palabas ay comedy,
At matatawa na lang ako sa aking galawang mala-breezy.

Kay tagal ko nang hinihintay,
Na bilhan ka ng popcorn at kainin natin ito ng sabay,
At kapag katabi ka na'y pasimpleng aakbay,
Kung bigla ka man antukin ay nakahanda ang balikat ko para umalalay.

O kailan na nga ba,
Kita malilibre ng palabas sa sine?
Kahit ano pa ‘yan basta ikaw ang kasama,
Siguradong-sigurado na ako'y sasaya ng sobra!

Paparating na kaya?
Yung pagkakataong kapag nagulat ka o nabigla,
Mapapayakap ka na lang sa’kin nang basta-basta,
Siyempre ako nama’y patay-malisya muna... kahit sa loob loob ay kilig na kilig na.

Patuloy kong inaabangan,
Na hindi matatapos ang lahat sa paglabas ng sinehan,
Patuloy tayong magkukulitan at magkukuwentuhan,
Ni hindi natin mapapansin ang oras sa sobrang katuwaan.

Kailan, kailan?
Ang mga likhang-isip na ito'y maisasakatuparan.
Maghihintay, Maghihintay.
Pagkat hinding-hindi magsasawang oras ko'y sa’yo ialay.



Literary: Lights, Camera, Action

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The city took on a life of its own
Illuminating the pavements,
Being fresh from the rain
Of a stormy twilight.

Signs and billboards
Were still loud in their hues
Crowds sang in chorus
With monotonous tunes.

Booked bars and hotels
Teemed with empty souls
Who were searching
For a life of their own.

But in the middle of the urban glare
And the tragedy of humans' hearts,
There stood a stranger,
With sheets in her arms.

She graced my focus,
And with a better view,
I found out that she is yearning
For the spark of life, too.

I reached for my Lomo,
To take advantage of the scene,
She smiled and then asked,
"Were you looking for me?"

And that's how I knew:
It was the start of our story
With her taking the role
Of my leading lady.



Literary: Chick Flicks

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Happy endings happen not only in films
My mind and heart to you I promise
Endless Love, to you I will give
Like romances in the movies

500 Days of Summer spent thinking of you --
To your eyes, your lips, your smile, I surrender
Every moment is A Walk to Remember
Bringing out The Best of Me when we’re together

You complete who I am
Attuning me to the perfect frequency
Just like how Music and Lyrics complement,
Lost without the other’s company

If we are to be Romeo and Juliet
Lovers separated by destiny,
Perhaps it is The Fault in our Stars
That we are not meant to be

But If I Stay with enough conviction
Battling fate's unfair decision,
And be deemed Like Crazy by all
Will that suffice to win your admiration?

For to adore you is to Begin Again
To banish the chains of insecurity
A life living in The Spectacular Now
To cherish you for all of eternity

But as they say,
Love Actually is all around
Hidden as it may be
It never dies, just waiting to be found

And when the moment has arrived
That we must both bid adieu
Always remember my dear,
P.S. I Love You



Literary: Director's Cut

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Scene 1 Take 1
Rolling… lights… camera… action!
Words that make everything go in motion
Curtains rise while faces glow
It’s time to begin the show

Scene 2 Take 14
The show has just begun
We’re already having fun
I see you through the luster of the spotlight
Like a star shining brightly in the darkness of the night

Scene 4 Take 5
I came to you, and without a doubt I said
“I like you and I can’t get you off my head.”
It was in the script, but it felt different
Like it was something that I really meant

Scene 10 Take 7
Every scene we did was special to me
Undeniably, it filled me with glee
In your eyes, I looked for any clue
If you’re feeling the same way I do

Scene 12 Take 12
Every act, every feeling became deeper
We started to learn how to love each other
Every event felt like it was heaven-sent
I was caught up in the moment

Scene 14 Take 14
I love you, too—these words came from you
Everything was too good to be true
Yet, it felt like something was lacking
What was it? I know nothing.

Scene 17 Take 7
Then I remembered, you were a really good actress
And you delivered those acts best
You made me think that they were real
Now everything is just like a broken reel

Scene 19 Take 2
Then I reread the script of the story
Slowly, for myself, I felt sorry
From then on came the fact
Yes, I forgot. That everything was just part of an act.



Literary: Tama Na

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Naguguluhan na ako.
Litong lito
Ayaw ko na

Tama na, tigilan na natin to.

Hindi ko na alam ang totoo.
Ni hindi ko nga alam kung
Mahal mo ba ako
Dahil kailangan mo ako o
Kailangan mo ako kaya mahal mo ako

Ang problema kasi sa'yo
Kaibigan mo ako--
Kaibigan mo lang ako.

Pero bakit iba ang dating sa akin?

Bakit sa akin parang syinota mo ako ,
Syinota mo ang best friend mo!

Sa tatlong taon nating pagkakaibigan
Tiniis ko lahat
Pinakinggan ko lahat ng
Saloobin mo
Na lahat tungkol sa kanya

Alam mo, I was willing to wait.
Kaya lang napagod ako-
Napagod ang puso ko
Na maghintay, magtanong, magalit.

Kaya wag mo akong sisihin
Kung ngayon, wala na ako sa tabi mo
Kasi sa totoo lang,
He had me at worst.
You had me at my best.
But binalewala mo lang ang lahat.

You chose to break my heart.

*Italicized lines are from: Paano na Kaya, One More Chance, Labs kita okay ka lang, Starting Over Again, Milan



Literary: Take Two

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I never remember you saying that you love me.
I also can't recall when I last said those sweet words to you.
But I'm certain, I did.

We never had and
I wish to have lunch, dinner, a movie or whatever kind of date with you,
Go to parks and picnics
Or walk on the shore while the sun sets,
Go to each other's happy places,
Do the craziest thing that we can do.


But you left and you're all happy now.

As I was fixing my things, I saw a disc with a note from you.
I immediately played the movie in it.

It was us.
A series of our videos that you secretly took.
We were having lunch, dinner and movie dates,
Strolls in places that I don't know of,
Happy with each other
Doing the craziest adventures together


I'm sorry
That I cannot remember all these things
Sorry for my mind easily forgets everything
But my heart remembers all
And I love you
I'm certain.



Literary: For One

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Hello. How have you been?
Do you remember when we used to watch movies together?

We would stand at the counter, side-by-side,
Arms touching, a silent promise of proximity,
And we'd both be reaching for our pockets.
In the end, you were always the one who paid.
"I'll let you pay next time," you'd always tell me,
But it never came
And every time a new movie comes out,
You'd still be the one who says
"Tickets for two, please."

We always stay for the end credits.
You say you'll be on that screen one day,
Maybe an actor, a director,
A cameraman, anything,
As long as you are there.

I'd always laugh at you
And say, "Okay, I'll watch the movie
So long as I pay!"

You would smile at me
With eyes so melancholic,
I'd forget about the movie.
"Okay," you'd say,
And that's when the lights go on
And I feel like I am leaving a part of us
On the cinema chairs
And taking your heavy heart with me.

Today, we're both at the counter,
I am standing here,
But you are a name on a poster.

It only comes to me now:
I never said, "We'll watch the movie together."

I smile at the cashier,
With the kind of sad smile you used to give me.

"Ticket for one, please."

We both had dreams.
Problem was, you were the essence of mine
but I was never a part of yours.



Literary: Your Love was a Hoax

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It is tragic
How every night
I wish to not
Be woken up

How every morning
I wake up knowing
That things just aren’t
How they used to be

But no matter
How much I try
To keep myself
From this painful truth

It will still
Hold true:
You are not mine

All along
Never in me
Did you belong

All you wanted
Was to put on
A show

But I
Will have
No more
Of this misery

I will no longer
Play victim
To the villain
That is you

Remember this
As your final show
For I
Am letting you go



Literary: Remedy to Nostalgia

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Everything is like an action-packed blockbuster: tons of workload at the back of his mind, piles of other tasks on his shoulders, a truckload of obligations.

Yet she comes in slow motion.

She makes his heart pause when their eyes meet. Everything suddenly disappears, except for him and her. She makes things blurry the way the background does in movies. Mysteriously, his favourite song starts ringing in his ears. His song becomes her song. It becomes their song and the world sort of stops to notice both of them…to witness that one moment of magic…

…Until he looks away and pretends not to feel.

In an instant, the blurry scenes return to normal and the noise shatters their song. It hurts him so much to turn a blind eye from one that has made him feel something he has never felt before. Yet he did look away… because he was unsure.

Who would believe slow motion never existed in real life? Movies have always tended to exaggerate in order to appeal to the senses. Yet there she was proving him wrong.

His skin still feels tense after that one moment. He tries to ignore the goosebumps and the shivering sensation all over his body but that one moment hit him harder than he thought. He tries to hide his smile but the memory tickles his soul and the eerie nostalgia is undeniable like misty air. No remedy works. He keeps on remembering.

To this very day, he has never forgotten… and yet… he has never confessed.

Remembering was the best and worst decision he ever made.

The moment clings to his heart, leaving bittersweet stains of regret and longing.

The moment could never be replaced.

She could never be replaced.



Literary: Screenplay

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A white title appers on a black screen.

"Pain is temporary, film is forever"
John Milius

The title fades off, leaving only "forever" on screen.




A teenage boy, fairly tall, completely average looking, quietly observes a girl [the girls of his dreams] chatting with her group of friends from across the room. The boy sighs heavily as a faint smile forms on his lips. He then looks down and scribbles a flower on his notebook, his hand moving on its own,
as if in a trance.



Same teenage boy, holding a corsage in both hands, kneels in front of the girl of his dreams and asks her out to prom, all while a crowd cheers him on. He trembles as the she looks at him blankly
and takes quite a while. As the boy starts to give up, the girl sighs and begins to speak.


Of course I will. I---




(continued) ---I love you!

The teenage boy, now a young man, 26 years of age, stands and embraces his now fiance, after he asked the girl of his dreams to marry him at the exact spot where he asked her to prom all those years ago.They hold each other for a few moments while looking at the stars. They then hold hands and head back to their car.



As the young man waits for his bride to arrive, his phone rings. All sound fades out as he's told that the girls he was just about to marry died in a car accident. He drops his phone and walks out of the cathedral in shock.


He steps out, devastation showing on his face. He looks at the road and notices a bus about to pass by. In a heartbeat, he decides to throw himself in front the bus. Loud screeching is heard right as rain begins to fall.



POV - Screenwriter

Screenwriter sits at cafe table, and looks up as his tears start drip on what he was writing.


I'm done, Penelope. I'm done.
It's been too long. I miss you.

He takes one last look at his script. He decides to pick up his pen and write one last thing: "To my Forever." He stands, looks at the road and checks for cars. As he begins to cross the road, a
pair of headlights appear beside him.




Literary: Just Like in the Movies

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How strange an idea
To hope for a high life
In a strange world God only knows
Where everything is perfect for you and you alone

With a bit of drama here and there
Add a splash of passion and flare
Constantly living the good life, at ease
Just like in the movies

But you see, although you get to be the hero
The one who gets to see what life brings in the morrow
The one who gets to dodge all the bullets and the arrows
Of life’s generic villains who prey on the world’s sorrows

In time you’ll see, all will fade
We’ll be left alone clinging to the knife’s blade
The lush gardens you worked hard to grow
Will rot and each flower will twist from woe

People we love will always leave
Whether they want to or you want to, we all will grieve
The hero comes home from the grand arena
Victorious but aware that the perfect life was just a naïve idea

Do you know how much it hurts to be a hero?
The universe makes them from tragedy, a simple zero
They have to be strong because the loss never ends
Just like the movies we watch on the weekends

The world will bleed, and bleed, and bleed
And the Universe will cough up more heroes as we need
Lovers separated, friendships strained, families will be hated
For a life just like a movie we ourselves created



Literary: Pagbuo ng Isang Pelikula

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Isang makinilya, isang papel
Ako ngayo’y magsusulat
Ng mga katagang nais na sayo’y bigkasin
Mga salitang matagal ko nang gustong sambitin

“Kaibigan man ang turing mo sa akin
Ika’y akin pa ring iibigin
Kung sasabihin mong wala akong pag-asa
Maluwag sa puso kong tatanggapin"

Sa isip ko’y binabalak nang magsabi sa iyo
Ngunit di pa handa ang puso kong ito
Naguguluhan pa ang puso’t isip ko
Kung anong dapat mangyayari, kung itutuloy ba ito

"Paulit-ulit na sa aking isipan
Ang puso ko ay akin nang tinitibayan
Akin nang aaminin sa iyo
Pero matatanggap mo pa ba ako?"

Litong-lito man ako
Naglakas loob akong lumapit sa iyo
Bigla akong napatigil pagkat napagtanto ko
Na hindi pa handa ang puso mo

Agad akong ngumiti
Kahit na di talaga ako mapakali
Aarte na lang ako na tulad ng dati
Na kaibigan pa rin ang turing ko sa’yo at walang nangyari

Sa likod ng bawat pelikula
Ay isang kuwento ng ikaw at sana’y ako
May mga istoryang sadyang mauuwi sa trahedya
Wala tayong magagawa pagkat mapaglaro ang tadhana



Literary: Rather

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From all the moments we had,
I could choose to pause on our happy moments.
Pause during our first hug.
Pause every time our fingers intertwine.
Pause at the moment when I said “yes”.
Pause in our moment of truth.
Pause in our moment.

But I will not.

I would rather play the moment you left me
The moment you made me cry
The moment you hurt me
The moment you broke my heart

I would rather watch those moments
Again and again and again

Until this heart becomes numb
And stops beating for you.

Until all things that would make me stay,
Will make me go away.



Literary: The Show

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“I will make you beautiful.”
But you already are
“I will make you perfect.”
Why do you look so far?

Masks that we wear
For this show you put on
Stood on the stage
That “happiness” you don

With that smile that I see
And those eyes of yours that glimmer,
I watch ‘til your spotlight
Gets dimmer and dimmer

As the ray of light fades
Your mask, you remove
Your true face reveals
A look as graceful as you move

A quick smile flashes
Before sorrow takes over
This scene comes to an end
And quickly you cover

I swiftly catch up
Before you can go
This scene might’ve ended
But not the show

I turn you around,
A look of surprise you portray
“Such beauty, such perfection…”
“A leading lady?” I say

You give off a chuckle
You start off with “Well…”
With a flattered little smile
Your answer you tell.



Literary: Like Any Other Movie

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You reminded me
Of all the chick flicks
I like to see
And all the Netflix
I bought for free
Of all the series
I watched for hours
The feeling of bliss
I felt was ours

But like any other movie on display
We were sadly meant to end
If you choose not to stay
I will respectfully comprehend

That’s why I cherish every view
And try to take note
Because now I see you
But soon I won’t



Literary: Plot Twists

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There are films where you can easily tell what’s coming next.

The one where the mistreated maiden
Cannot go to the ball.
Where the lovestruck mermaid,
Can never meet her prince charming.

Where the Arabian princess
Is forever locked in her palace.
Where the princess
Meets a frog instead of a prince.

And then there's the story of you and her.
Off to a thrilling adventure
Together and forever.

But of course these might end the way you did not expect them to.

The fairy god mother appears
And gives the maiden a ride to the ball.
The sea witch grants the mermaid’s wish
To have feet.

A poor boy comes
And takes the princess on a magic carpet ride.
The frog
Turns into a handsome prince.

Then, the story of you and her.
Lost in a maze
Separated and broken.



Literary: Curtain Call

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Life comes
With a continuous script,
Changing lines,
Multiple takes,
Different characters,
Hundreds of cuts.
In the end,
The lights
Go off,
The cast
Says goodbye.
As they roll their way out
Through all
The plot twists,
You'll learn
Over and over
That life
Can be described
By these three words:
It goes on.



Literary: A Nicholas Sparks Mash-up

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I'll always remember
Those late afternoons
It lasted forever
But ended so soon

It started with the notebook
Where we write our thoughts
Not knowing that those words
Would be our stories soon

I sent a bottle in the ocean
With a message to John
And said that whoever gets this
Will be the lucky one

I received no reply
But you suddenly came by
It may be the longest ride
But you are totally worth my time

You've already seen
The worst and the best of me
To be only yours I pray
To be only mine you pray

In places no one will find
All your feelings so deep inside
Then, I realized
That forever was indeed in your eyes



Literary: Watch

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I hate movies.
Their perfection
Bound by the borders of the screen,
Never not captivating,
Limited but everlasting,
A reminder of how things have been.

But fret not, watcher,
Waste not every hour.
Watch something that is boundless,
Not a box, not a screen,
In fact, look at anything.
Because the beauty you’re looking for
Is around you.
The best movie
Narrates your story.

What happens around you is true beauty
Just stop for a while and view it fully.
Perfection is around you but here’s the catch:
To see it, all you have to do
Is watch.



It's going to be a night to remember.

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balik tanaw,

One band, one sound: Looney Tunes wins 3-peat in UPIS BotB

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For the third straight year, Looney Tunes (LT) took home the championship in the annual Battle of the Bands (BotB) last January 9.

Looney Tunes bested six other competitors, including second placer FLL and third placer Amamimamols. Dubbed Musiklaban, the BotB also served as the closing program of Balik Tanaw, this year's UPIS Fair.

"Masaya kami. Parang nag-iwan na kami ng mark dito sa UPIS. Yung pagkapanalo namin, para siyang proof ng skill namin as musicians," said some members of LT.

The Looney Tunes from L-R: Austria, Cinco, Rollon, Ecito,
Candido, Saliva, de Layola, and Dula.
Photo Credit: James Ecito

The songs that the band played this year are Paramore’s Brick by Boring Brick, My Chemical Romance’s Helena, and Noon Hanggang Ngayon, a song which they composed themselves.

Looney Tunes is composed of seniors David de Layola on rhythm guitar, Rene Rollon II on lead guitar, newcomer Jomer Dula on bass, Blade Saliva on drums, and Franz Candido and Faith Austria on vocals.

They first started out as the Honeyboyz (with Faith) in 2013 with batchmate Bjorn Amargo as the drummer. They won first place then and also in 2014 when they first became known by the name Looney Tunes.

This year, Amargo was not able to rehearse for the competition with the rest of the band so adjustments were made to have a full band. Amargo is still part of the band, though, and plays with them when there is time. The band also has a manager and producer this year, Angelo Cinco and James Ecito respectively.

Passion ㅡ it is why this band is what it is. They do not play because they only want to win or because of prizes but because they want to  be a band and perform. They have been influenced by their favorite bands including My Chemical Romance and Franco.

They also play without exclusivity. Other people are welcome to play with them; often they invite their friends, too. They celebrate their triumphs by playing more music. They have upcoming gigs and a YouTube channel and are interested if ever there are opportunities for them.

The most interesting thing about them, however, is the fact that they think of their band as a family and not a group. They have eaten at the studio together and even went carolling together once. This is what they want aspiring bands to do. They want them to enjoy being in a band and be a family. This is what makes for a whole and complete sound. / by Trisa de Ocampo


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2x9 reclaims Powerdance crown

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UPIS Batch 2018, more popularly known as 2x9, scored a huge comeback victory in the Powerdance Competition held along with the school's Centennial Kick-off Ceremony at the UP Sunken Garden on January 8.

After falling to fourth in last year's contest, 2x9 relied on a routine which featured UPIS's achievements in the fields of arts, sports, and academics to take back the title they first held two years ago with an average score of 92.4 points. They also took home the Best Cheer award.

The Senior Council (SC), together with a handpicked core group, led Batch 2018's preparations and rehearsals. Since it is their last time to join the competition, they made sure to give a memorable performance.

Batch 2018 prepares to do their cheer.
Photo credit: Lyka Lubang
"Three weeks kaming nag-prepare. Tiningnan namin yung dati naming performances para malaman yung gusto ng judges," said Ana Suiza, co-chair of the batch's choreography committee.

With 89.4 points, last year's champion, 19nite (Batch 2019) placed second with a routine that showcased the highlights of high school life. They also won Best Costume. / With reports from Raymund Creencia, Carlos Laderas, and Chesca Santiago



This is going to be a box-office hit!

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Standby... Rolling...

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