Literary (Submission): KJW

2/04/2015 07:57:00 PM Media Center 0 Comments

Because to love you is my greatest mission
And to care for you without a single condition
Boy, I want to be the reason for your smile
See your eyes disappear into crescents for a while

Your voice, you have no idea the effect on me
When a chuckle escapes your lips, I feel free
Melted when you breathe out your responses
Chills every time your raspy voice promises

You’re right, I’ve never seen an arrow like you
One try at shooting and in my heart you’ve pierced through
Probability is, I’ll never get tired
You’re what I’ve always desired; you keep me inspired

Because of you, all the barriers are down
A completely new person, I’ve become when you stuck around
You changed me for the better; I wish I’ve done the same
When it all fades to black, you’re the ember to my flame

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