Literary : Reunion

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                  It was dusk, the soldier was walking along the familiar path to his town. He was using rifle as a makeshift staff and his clothes bore signs that fate had not been kind to him. His uniform was singed in many places and his boots were completely caked with mud. He had a dirty looking gash on his forehead and the right side of his face was covered with dried blood.

                  He had expected to return home as a hero, but ever since they lost the war, all he ever wanted was to return home safe and sound. He was not far now, the town was just over the smoke from the chimneys blowing in the wind. However, something seemed off, there was just a bit more smoke than there should have been.

                  He was in the town square, or what used to be the town square. It was razed to the ground. The town was filled with acrid smell of burning flesh. Skeletons of houses were the only indication that this had ever been a town. He dropped his rifle, running across the neighborhood, calling for his family and friends. Nobody answered. No one was there, not anymore.

                  He took out his revolver. His father gave it to him saying it would bring luck. It did, in a matter of speaking. It kept him safe but there was no more home to return to. He looked at it, it was his only remaining friend, it never left his side. He looked up, it was starting to snow. Good. It would cover the scene. He pulled the trigger and his friend sent him into the infinite.

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